I'm Back Bitches!

Yulia Tymoshenko appears to be on her way back to the PM's office.

No word yet, however, on what her nearly-as-hot daughter, Yevhenia, has to say about this development.

[Via Guardian Unlimited]

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Desperation Rings

Another Monday morning, another plaintive 5AM email from Barack. Tried to break up with him this weekend but I just couldn't do it.

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Do Not Fuck With Rade

Russian Croatian actor, sometime singer, and one of Cosmodrome's favorite Russians, Rade Serbedzija was big pimpin' at the Toronto Film Festival.

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A New Game: Time... or The Onion?

An all-time classic image - a commemorative plate with Bill and some broads - graces this week's TIME magazine.

*... and when you add in the 50 Cent/Denzel box on top ... well, the line between hard news and satire are blurred beyond recognition.

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Photo Caption Contest II

"Biden to Petraeus: General, Turn Those Photographers Around."

[Photo via The New York Times.]

And here's Photo Caption Contest, Part I.

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What Keeps Me Going

Yes, this is HP, during the prime "I just got to the office and am going to read the Internet for an hour before starting any work" AM period.

So you don't have to:

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"I have to go now. My planet needs me." Note: Jacko died on the way back to his home planet

Last night was the premiere of Justin Timberlake's FutureSex/LoveShow on HBO, a cavalcade of spinning stages, projections on gauzy columns, lasers, walls of space age sound equipment, hydraulic risers, and scantily clad dancers. The only people that rivaled the lack of clothing were the permed bridge-n-tunnelers shown in the audience, screaming their eyes out, beer cups raised in joy.

While JTim might be this generation's Michael Jackson, he lacks the consummate showmanship of Jacko.

For example, let's look at how each one ends a show to decide which is better:

  • Justin Timberlake ended his show with a ballad on the piano and then, with tears in his eyes, thanked the audience, truly and sincerely, for coming.
  • Michael Jackson on the other hand decided to end his 1992 concert in Bucharest by taking off from stage strapped to a jet pack and flying over the audience, presumably on his way to meet Captain EO:

winner: MJ

Also of Note: One person who didn't benefit from the broadcast of the show in high definition was Timbaland, who would randomly rise from and then lumber onto the stage. Dude looked like right before the show he bench-pressed a cow then dipped it in nacho cheese and ate it.

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When The Beat Drops, The Party Starts

A new advertisement from Cadbury's:

More on the song, a previously noted Cosmodrome fave:

-Its use in the Miami Vice pilot

-The music video


-Allmusic on the album Face Value, and the song.

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Seeing Michael Cera

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Jesus as Next Attorney General?

"Ladies and gentlemen, I speak to you from high above the skies of Waco [TX], where I have left my vacation in order to enlist the Almighty to serve as Attorney General for the remainder of my Presidency..."

[Photo via The New York Times]

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