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Why Not CMS Mix - April 27,07

This lazily thrown together and poorly ordered mix is in honor of the diligent “Why Not CMS” comment spammer that we get on this site every once in a while.

I needed to purge some music I’ve been sitting on for much too long before I drop a dope mix I’ve been working on (see what I did there? Create some early hype).

Complete with a track stolen by Hot Chip’s DJ Kicks before I could get it up (Positive K), a chick who never seems to let me down (Amerie), one of the best remixes so far this year (Jr. Boyz/Hot Chip), and just one more reason to love Erlend Øye.

Come Get Some HERE

1. Positive K: “I Got a Man”
2. Flo-Rida: “Birthday”
3. April March: “Chick Habit” (Death Proof Soundtrack)
4. Phonique: “Casualties feat. Erlend Øye” (Good Idea)
5. Chuck and Mac: “Powerful Love” (Eccentric Soul: Twinight’s Lunar Rotation)
6. Gui Boratto: “Beautiful Life” (Chromophobia)
7. McLusky: “Aaron is a Cowboy Killer” (McLusky Do Dallas)
8. Amerie: “Gotta Work”
9. Apparat: “Hold On (Chris deLuca v. Phon.o RMX)” (Strike 83)
10. The Federation: “What If I Had a Gun (DJ B. Cause Deep Dub Disco Blend)”
11. Junior Boys: “In The Morning (Hot Chip Remix)” (Dead Horse EP)
12. Twista: “The Come Up” (The Come UP BW Bussin No Discussin)
13. Ulrich Schnauss: “Medusa” (Goodbye)
14. Gil-Scott Heron: “Angola, Lousiana” (Secrets)

Got That Pandemic - Jan. 10, 2006

To the faceless voice on Bodie’s Corner in the 4th Season of The Wire, yelling “Got that Pandemic” or even “….Plymouth Rock” and “…Mistletoe” depending on the holiday, heard but never seen: You are a business man. You are a soldier. You are a (dare I say) hero.

This mix is for you.

Get that Pandemic HERE.

UPDATE! This track was meant to originally be part of the mix, but slipped through the cracks. Download that track HERE
Tracklist changed w/r/t addendum.

1. Tom Waits – “Way Down In The Hole” (Franks Wild Years)*

2. New Young Pony Club – “Ice Cream (DJ Mehdi Remix)” (Ice Cream)

3. Peter Bjorn & John – “Let’s Call It Off (Girl Talk Remix)”

4. LCD Soundsystem – “All My Friends” (Sound of Silver)**

More tracklist follows

Janet Jackson & Friends

Hard to believe that it was already one year ago that we made each other's ears bleed and Cosmodrome was born. In that time, I have gained employment, moved out of my parents' house, and started eating sushi. But I still listen to the same old tunes... Janet and friends.

Gorgeous Gorging Vol. 2: Soul Food Edition

Layer this mix over your travels or feast cooking like a heaping helping of warm, soulful gravy.

Get that mix HERE

And for those who haven't gotten enough of our 2006 batch of Thanksgiving Mixes, check HERE for a recently re-up'd version of my mix from last year.

(ps: yes, i did spend no more than 5 minutes photoshopping that cover)

1. Lyn Taitt: "Soul Food" (400% Dynamite)

2. Lon Rogers & Soul Blenders "My Girl is a Soul Girl" (Eccentric Soul: Mighty Mike Lenaburg)

3. William Bell: "Never Like This Before" (The Complete Stax-Volt Singles)

4. Jerry Jones: "Still Water" (Studio One Soul)

5. The Majestic Arrows: "One More Time Around" (Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label)

6. Joey Gilmore: "Somebody Done Took My Baby and Gone" (Miami Sound)

7. Donovan Carless: "Be Thankful" (Impact!: Rare and Unreleased Reggae, Funk & Soul)

8. Etta James: "You Got It" (Chicago Sound)

Space Patrol - November 7, 2006

It's been fairly dormant around here. I'm going to blame it on us being on "patrol".
But here's a mix to get you through.
(I've also re-upped my last mix for those that missed on last go-'round)

Let's get this done:

1. Amerie - "Take Control"
This makes me all woozy.

2. Cosmodrome -"Music Smells Butter With You"-(Gooom Tracks Vol. 1)
They deserve a slot on here with a name like that

3. The Replacements - "Bastards of Young" - (Tim)

4. Asie Payton - "Asie's Story" - (Just Do Me Right)

5. Raekwon - "Legal Coke"

6. MIA - "XR 2 Turbo"

7. Johnny Davis and the Arrows - "Boogedy Boogedy" - (Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label)

8. Teddybears Sthlm - "Cobrastyle" - (Fresh!)
Lit the dance floor with blue fire during our last party.

Full Tracklist

Golden Hour - September 5, 2006

Suck it up: Summer's gone.
But we were there for you, first with a mix to ease you into Summer, and now with this one to help ease you out of it. Starting with the anthem to late Summer and ending with a song for those frosty Fall nights (or shootouts in Miami). Named after the hour of dusk where the setting sun casts everything in a heroic light, where the humidity creaks, then crumbles as the frigid air settles over, and with cuts coming from such disparate places as the streets of Harlem, the shores of Sweden, and the fiery-hot loins of Alan Thicke, it has everything one could ask for.

So grab a seat on your roof, stoop, or balcony, pour yourself a tall stiff glass of amber spirits, turn on this mix, and watch the sky set fire and burn out.

Hit me with that DOWNLOAD

Bring that TRACKLIST back

Pop.Drop.Roll. - June 15, 2006

Another False Alarm - May 26, 2006

Elvis. Bruce. Neil.

Sometimes it's necessary to listen to the Great White Men.


1. Bruce Springsteen: "Thunder Road" (Born to Run)

2. The Clash: "Train in Vain" (London Calling)

3. Elvis Costello: "Pump It Up" (This Year's Model)

So So Broke 05.23.06

"Is anyone else noticing a pattern in the Hustlina mixes? By the 12th mix, we will probably have an entire Fall album, an entire Misfits album, an entire ESG album, and a whole bunch of hip hop."
Jeff Deutchman

Everyday I'm Hustlin'

It was rainy all day, so HERE is a playlist expressing my inner precipitation. Admit you just laughed!

You have one week before the link expires.



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