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Grrrrrr-8 Vacation!

Last year we chronicled the group-discounted vacation of the world's 7 most powerful men and 1 sassy woman. But a few of the members last year (Putin, Blair, etc.) must not have gotten the lanyard of ever-lasting friendship and weren't invited back again this year. LOLz!
But the 8 are doing their damnedest to make this year The Best Vacation Ever and here are some clips from their photo diary to prove it:

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Ya tebya lyublyu, Obamavich!

Watching Russia Today generally provides a great escape from hearing about Hillary and Barry and instead hearing about Saakashvili and South Ossetia

This weekend provided an exception, when I learned about Despite my interest and best intentions, my Russian remains below elementary, so Google Translate provided a hilarious avenue of getting to know Barack Obama from a Russian perspective.

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Yet Another Reason To Vote Obama

Does anyone want to see Hillary's in a "daring décolleté" like this?

Previously: Merkel (and Bush's obsession with) here.

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Captain EO, Part II?

Communist Party hits Outer Space

Chinese taikonauts (astronauts) intend to establish a space branch of the Communist Party of China (CPC). The Chinese astronauts will carry out the same activities in space as they do on Earth, such as learning the party’s policies and debating the party’s decisions. According to the CPC constitution, a grass-root CPC organization should be established where there are three or more CPC members.

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"Shhh... I'm not gonna tell him how to spell llama correctly."

Whither Azerbaijan?

"You're on, my friend. Whoever can imprison, murder, or otherwise disappear the most dissidents by November 1st gets Azerbaijan."

[Headline via The New Republic's The Plank; Photo via The New York Times]

I Don't Even Know What I'm Doing Here.

Kim Jong-il meets Roh Moo-hyun; seems unimpressed.

[Via NY Times]

I'm Back Bitches!

Yulia Tymoshenko appears to be on her way back to the PM's office.

No word yet, however, on what her nearly-as-hot daughter, Yevhenia, has to say about this development.

[Via Guardian Unlimited]

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