Best Presidential Nicknames

Honest Abe is a terrible nickname for a 6'4" dude who was possibly the greatest president ever. Bush II got stuck with Dubya, and although some of us may be hoping he'll gradually take on the title of Ole Dumbass Bastard, Dubya might just be it. But as our Commanders in Chief have gradually become celebrity personalities (especially during the yellow journalism heyday), presidential nicknames have gotten better and better. Eat your heart out, Tomkat. You'll never have "Sir" or "Granny" in front of your name in bold.

1. Benjamin Harrison – Kid Gloves
2. Richard Nixon – Tricky Dick
3. John Adams – His Rotundity
4. Grover Cleveland – Old Jumbo
5. Herbert Hoover – Hermit Author of Palo Alto
6. Martin Van Buren – Old Kinderhook (origin of OK!)
7. Andrew Johnson – Sir Veto
8. James Madison – Withered Little Apple-John
9. Ronald Reagan – The Gipper
10. Rutherford B. Hayes – Rutherfraud, Granny H.

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