Brokeback Dock

A bit of backstory:
I live in Brooklyn and commute to New Jersey for work. Since I have no car, it’s an Odyssian journey of public transportation each day. When it comes to lunch I have few options within walking distance: our building’s subterranean cafeteria, a strip mall and sort of ritzy mall across the street. As it began to get nicer outside I began exploring the area a bit and found that behind the mall was a secluded park, made less accessible by construction being done on the mall. At the very end of the park was a dock that extended into a river. This dock became my goal everyday, a quiet place to eat, to read, and to take naps on during my lunch hour. But it all went wrong.

I occasionally run into people on the path and every once in a while someone walks onto the docks when I'm there, but are usually sort of off-put by the fact that I've sprawled out all over it, so they tend to look over the side and leave or make a bit of small talk and then leave. The other day some guy came up and made some small talk and didn't leave. I just kept reading hoping he'd get the hint that I had claimed that spot and that I wanted to be alone. He continued to make small talk and I knew something about the situation was wrong. He’d say something, I’d sort of grunt or give small answers but not really look up from what I was reading.
This is a transcript of the conversation, each with very, very long spaces between him saying something else:

Guy: Nice day, huh?
Me: It is.

Guy: Wow, this water looks really dirty. I wouldn’t eat any fish out of here.
Me: Neither would I.

Guy: Didn’t a house burn down around here on the other bank?
Me: I’m not sure. I haven’t been in the area for too long.

Guy: Yeah, I think it’s that house over there. The tan one.
Me: Yeah, I guess that looks sort of new.

Guy: Boy, it is really nice outside today
Me: Yep.

Guy: So you go to school or something?
Me: No, I actually work across the street. I’m on my lunch break. How about you?
Guy: I work in (some Jersey city I didn't recognize, nor know how far away it was).

Guy: Wow. It’s really nice. I think I’ll sit down
(Sits down somewhat near me. I continue to read and ignore him)

Guy: So.... you have to go back to work soon?
Me: Yeah, not too long.
Guy: Yeah, I got a couple of hours

Guy: Good magazine?
Me: Yep.


(Guy finally stands up and looks off in the distance)

Guy: So, you know what this park is about, right?
(Immediately, my spine tenses and I know what he's talking about, but I feign like I don't)
Me: Huh?
Guy: You know what this park is for?
Me: No..... I just found it one day on my lunch hour
Guy: Well, I’m telling you now. Be careful. I’m not a cop or anything... but you might want to take warning.
Me: Uh, thanks
Guy: Ok, I think I’m gonna go back to work now. Bye.

No wonder I only saw dudes on the path back there.

And thus ends my lunches on the dock.

(a note about the title: We all know that the use of "Brokeback"-anything is a little bit yestergay, however it will still continue to be in regular usage until something new comes along.)