Celebrity Gaydar by Resident Fag Hag

If one in twenty people is gay, and (based on my very rigorously researched generalization) gays (particularly gay men) are better, or at least think they are better, at entertainment, then, um... you know.

This will be updated soon. Parentheticals indicate most likely future life-partner. Please send your suggestions, especially for the "to be determined" true loves.

Also, this list turned out to be all black for some reason.
HERE are the white pages.

01. P. Diddy (Fonsworth Bentley, the dandy umbrella opener)
02. Will Smith (DJ Jazzy Jeff!) & Jada Pinkett-Smith (TBD)
03. Oprah. Oh yeah, and Stedman, too.
04. Whoever that poof who married Star Jones is.
05. Pretty much any man married to a plus-sized female celeb or much-taller-than-him female celeb.
06. Jay-Z (Memphis Bleek)
07. Missy Elliott (Her dream was Aaliyah, of course, which explains why she missed and continues to miss her so much, but possibilities include Tweet and Eva from Top Model)
08. Timbaland (Magoo)
09. Queen Latifah (SO GAY! PLEASE COME OUT!)
10. Kanye West (Himself. Hey! Sucking your own dick is a serious relationship!)

12. Dr. Dre (Eminem)
13. DMX
14. James Avery AKA Uncle Phil [see below comments]
15. Reginald Vel Johnson AKA Carl Winslow

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