Editorial: I Will Follow Him, Follow Him Wherever He May Go

Cosmodrome would like to take this chance to fully endorse G. Clooney's recently announced war on Gawker, and to announce our intentions of fully supporting his endeavor with whatever means we may have at our disposal. Gawker, quite frankly, makes us all throw up just a little bit in our mouths, and while we don't mention any names in our grand declaration, our enemies will soon know who they are.

Just when you thought you couldn't admit to enjoying anything without a wholly ironic or post-ironic-apathetic disclaimer attached (oh my, New York is just too much!), we have come to your aid. And now we have GC on our side. So let it not stop at phoney celeb sightings, let the punishment rain down on Gawker from all angles. We're with you, George. Stay tuned to the Drome.

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