Sometimes an Umbrella is just an Umbrella

Rhianna's "Umbrella" may have lost the Best Song Grammy to Amy Winehouse's "Rehab," but given the number of different ways this song has been reinvented or "remixed" in live settings - with Chris Brown at the VMA's, with Morris Day and the Time at the Grammy's, and most recently with the Klaxons at the Brit Awards, there has got to be some kind of a new category created for this song. Most Versatile? Most Flexible? Song with the Stongest Pathological Fear of Getting Old? Whatever it is, this song will not go gently into that good night (rage, Rhianna, rage against the dying of the light).

Here, in all its transmogro-rific glory, is Umbrella Cubed.

w/ Chris Brown at the VMA's

w/ Morris Day and the Time at the Grammys

w/ The Klaxons at the Brit Awards

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