Trip-Hopping on UPN

So The Fifth Element was on TV today. We all knew Tricky, one of trip-hopping Bristol, England's favorite rappers/raspers, played a small role as Right Arm (!), Gary Oldman's henchman. He was well cast, because, well, Tricky just looks like he's from the future. Those hairstyles, those jawbones, those mascara-frosted eyes.

Anyway, being familiar with the film careers of various other 1990s UK electronic musicians (jungle fiend Goldie in The World Is Not Enough, for instance, where he coincidentally appears as a scary semi-futuristic henchman-type dude. Not to mention Snatch, henchman there too). Anyway, we just had to check if Tricky had been in anything else.

And oh, has he ever.

Tricky, nee Adrian Thaws (!!!) has only one other TV or film appearance IMDB deemed notable to list: A three-episode appearance on UPN's venerable sista-licious sitcom "Girlfriends." Tricky played Finn Robinson, a musician who had a romantic run-in with one of the 'friends (a none too succesful run-in, apparently, as the episode title "Finn-ished" reveals).

Anyway, this is almost too amazing for words. Check this clip (scroll down to the Tricky section) if you don't believe. We must see all three of these ("...With A Twist" and "Good News, Bad News" as well as the aforementioned pun-titular episode) post haste. But for now, I'm just going to listen to Maxinquaye. I got rid of Pre-Millenium Tension--shit was putting a curse on my house.

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