Ya tebya lyublyu, Obamavich!

Watching Russia Today generally provides a great escape from hearing about Hillary and Barry and instead hearing about Saakashvili and South Ossetia

This weekend provided an exception, when I learned about BarackObama.ru. Despite my interest and best intentions, my Russian remains below elementary, so Google Translate provided a hilarious avenue of getting to know Barack Obama from a Russian perspective.

For example, Russians think getting to know the real Barack means getting to know him "Without a necktie"

Also, Barack is an "American dandy." More importantly for a student of Russian like myself, I learned that "American dandy" transl(iter)ates to "Amerikanski dyendi." As a below-amateur Russian-speaker, this kind of caricaturized/accented cognate makes me smile and recall the days of being about six years old when I thought adding an "o" to the end of everything made it Spanish.

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