Bloggish: When You Are a Pitbull

Welcome to Day One of the Cosmodrome bloggish. It's not quite a blog. But really, it's a blog.

Patrick Swayze, Bimbos Defend Mel Gibson. Also, Patrick Swayze is Gay.

Quoted directly from the BBC article, emphasis added: "'Hands deserved to be slapped if you do something stupid, but don't take it too far.' Swayze is currently performing in Guys and Dolls in London's West End."

Mr. Swayze continued, "'When you are a pitbull and you love what you do, that talent will find its way out.'"

Mr. Swayze has added himself to a long list of celebrities, including Dean Devlin and Jodie Foster, who have given their respective support to the anti-semite actor boozehound. Rob Schneider however, differed, saying he would even refuse the lead in Passion of the Christ II.

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The women hos Mel partied with recently went on Good Morning America to explain Mel's point of view publicize themselves. And while their champagne room time with Mr. Gibson was a lot of fun, they also discussed serious issues like The Passion of the Christ:

"We were talking about his films, just general," she said. "And he mentioned just, do you guys know what I went through, what kind of controversy that movie caused me? And of course we laughed, like of course."

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