The Bloggish - Rove to Lieberman: The Boss Wants to Help

Fucking Joementum.

According to ABC News, Lieberman has received the message from Karl Rove: "The boss wants to help. Whatever we can do, we will do."

Slightly ironic that Karl calls George "The Boss," no? Or actually, I don't know if that is irony. Although I use the term all the time, I'm not sure I've every fully grasped its defintion.

Mark Schmitt offers an interesting analysis on his blog (of Joementum, not the definition of irony):

"I think it’s possible that after the primary, unleashed from the obligation of being a checklist Democrat, Lieberman may emerge as a very, very conservative figure, one of those real neoconservatives (in the older sense of the word) whose main politics is to obsess over and recoil at what they see as the excesses of the left. Michael Barone is a good example of such a figure, and that way madness lies. I'm just speculating, but if that does occur, we’ll understand why he couldn’t run a plausible Democratic campaign in 2006: he couldn’t bring himself to."

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