Scary French Robot Army

Here at Cosmodrome, we're pretty terrified by a few things that would make us shit in our pants if they showed up at our front door, ie black holes, organized religion, and some conglomeration of Karl Rove, Barry Bonds' swollen 'roid-head, and Jerry Bruckheimer (summer 2007 blockbuster?). But one Fear may have just creeped up on us without anyone being the wiser.

Apparently, a French "artist," Francois Junod, has quietly been creating a fearsome robot army for the past 20 years. While T-1000 may still be a task set for Junod's offspring (probably part robot), we can only hope T-100's metal endoskeleton and humanoid exterior are still out of reach.

On his apocalyptic website, Junod references how centuries of philosophers, from the Greeks to the Byzantines, have worked to bring about the age of the mechanized man and thereby banishing the weak, fleshy one.

Alright, maybe I'm overreacting. This additional site has some pretty awesome photos of robot birds and the construction process.

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