Bloggish - Lohan on Paris: "I bet she's comfortable making videos."

Following a profanity-laced tirade (YouTube below) in which Paris' buddy, apparent no-talent ass-clown Michael Davis, goes off on Lohan's very existence, Ms. Lohan has struck back. Commenting on Paris' giggling while walking along and seeming to enjoy the fun at her expense, Lindsay SLAMMED* Paris:

"I bet she's comfortable making videos." (!!!)

Lindsay also noted that Paris and Davis left her crazy voicemails, were upset about Stavros... and yada, yada, yada. I'm already sick of this story. Let's move on.

Oh wait, the video, which concludes with this zinger that will stay in your head for days:

"Lindsay Lohan is a fire-crotch and she has freckles coming out of her pussy and her clit is seven feet long."

*On the use of SLAMMED in news: note how this story uses IMDB's rarely-seen thesaurus, incorporating the words "rubbished," "attacked," and "blasted".

OK, I'm stopping for real. You just got stupider while reading this entry. More of the same to come later.