With No Deformities That I Could See

America is full of fatties.

We're willing to admit it. We're willing to admit that up to 30.5% of Americans are obese. We're just not willing to admit we are fat, just everyone else. We like placing the blame on things other than us: other fat people, the French, Jews. And now the obese have a new weapon in their arsenal: microbes. It seems that there is a new field of science, deemed "infectobesity", which sets out to prove that obesity could be the result of other causes not linked to diet, exercise, or genetics. This could potentially be a groundbreaking and affective way to approach obesity and cure it. It could hep save the lives of millions of people who have drastic health risks due to their body's bulbous state. However, I worry that as infectobesity becomes more widely known, some people will latch onto it as the cause of their problems, an inevitablility beyond their control, and they will not take the proper steps toward changing their diets and their excercise routines to make themselves healthier.

However, it is obvious that microbes are not the only reason, as it seems even babies these days are in fact getting fatter. Perhaps this is why Tom Cruise and and Katie Holmes kept their daughter Suri locked away for so long-- she had to shape up and drop a few pounds. Recently, though, Suri made her first public appearance at a party thrown by Will 'Who's the Best?' Smith. One party guest described the bundle of joy thusly:
"Suri is a beautiful baby with no deformities that I could see."

Well played.