The Week In: Box Office Speculation - Adolescence Unites Class Brackets!

This weekend, All the King's Men will serve as the first prestige film of the fall and no doubt will garner a significant adult audience who have been left in the lurch by the summer's onslaught of genre films.

Nevertheless, three genre films open wide this weekend, and at least one of them will triumph over the aforementioned Academy-hopeful. Jackass Number Two will bring in adolescent males of all class brackets from all states, demonstrating how obscene sketch comedy is more commercial than traditional narrative. And also how TV and cinema are now essentially the same medium.


1. Jackass Two - $26mil
2. All the King's Men - $15mil
3. Flyboys - $13mil
4. Fearless - $9mil
5. Gridiron Gang - $7mil
6. Illusionist - $3.6mil
7. Black Dahlia - $3.2mil
8. Last Kiss - $3mil
9. Covenant - $2.7mil
10. Invincible - $2.5mil

possible upset: Little Miss Sunshine - $2-3mil

Indie Spotlight:

Old Joy - $38k in 1 theater


1. Jackass Two - $28.3mil
2. Fearless - $10.6mil
3. Gridiron Gang - $9.7mil
4. Flyboys - $6mil
5. Everyone's Hero - $4.7mil
6. Black Dahlia - $4.4mil
7. All the King's Men - $3.8mil
8. Illusionist - $3.3mil
9. Covenant - $3.3mil
10. Little Miss Sunshine - $2.9mil

Old Joy - $17k

If booyahbaisse and I combined powers, we might be unstoppable. Might.

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