The Week In: Box Office Speculation - Kevin Costner Is Still a Movie Star?

Okay so last weekend I was a little off. Most notably, All the King's Men tanked, thus proving Jude Law really isn't a movie star, just like the prophet Chris Rock said.

Or maybe the lesson here is that prestige fare needs to be rolled out platform style, which is what two new movies will begin to do this weekend: The Last King of Scotland and The Queen. Look for The Queen to show up on the Top Ten some time around January when the Oscar noms are released.

In the mean time, this is what we're left with...


1. Open Season - $20mil
2. Jackass - $17mil
3. Guardian - $15mil
4. School for Scoundrels - $11mil
5. Fearless - $6.5mil
6. Gridiron Gang - $6mil
7. Flyboys - $3mil
8. Illusionist - $3mil
9. Everyone's Hero - $2.8mil
10. Little Miss Sunshine - $2.5mil

Or maybe All the King's Men will sneak in there with $2.5 or so.


The Queen

Actual Results

Apparently, Kevin Costner is still a movie star.

1. Open Season - $22.5mil
2. Guardian - $17.3mil
3. Jackass Two - $13.6mil
4. School for Scoundrels - $7.9mil
5. Fearless - $4.9mil
6. Gridiron Gang - $4.5mil
7. Illusionist - $2.5mil
8. Flyboys - $2.4mil
9. Black Dahlia - $2mil
10. Little Miss Sunshine - $1.9mil

Twas a good week for the platform releases...

Last King of Scotland - $143k in 4 theaters
The Queen - $122k in 3 theaters
Guide to Recognizing Your Saints - $95k in 8 theaters

And then there's the little Christian football movie that could, Facing the Giants, a movie that no one in New York has heard of, which almost cracked the top ten - $1.4mil. Further evidence that the world is rapidly decaying.

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