The E-Life, Jan. 22-26: Let's Get the Old Band Back Together!

Monday, Jan. 22

Let's Get the Old Band Back Together
It was widely reported that Sting and The Police will reunite and perform at Coachella. Sting recalled, "You know, I used to be kind of cool once."

Also rumored to be reuniting for Coachella are Rage Against the Machine, the Happy Mondays, and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Led Zeppelin is considering reuniting, again. Van Halen is reconciling with David Lee Roth. And perhaps most importantly, Chinese Democracy may finally see the light of day.

Speaking of Coachella, Brooklyn Vegan posted this great set by Daft Punk from the festival a few years back.

The Lord Speaketh
In Monday's edition of the Federal Register, President Bush announced that Sunday was National Sanctity of Human Life Day. Mind you, this means the sanctity of aborted fetuses, not real dying people in one of them "loser" countries.


Tuesday, Jan. 23

(Development) Hell
Wikipedia's article on Development Hell provides hours of interesting reading. Unfortunately, Wikipedia doesn't have a page for Film Hell. Film Hell is currently taking place in lower Manhattan as Will Smith shoots I Am Legend. Cosmodrome would like to note the irony in the casting of the possibly gay Fresh Prince as the last man alive.

Madam Speaker, If You Were a Hot Dog, Would You Eat Yourself?
President Bush delivered his seventh State of the Union. Here's some key points:

- The first female Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, blinks incessantly
- "Dikembe... Mutombo... grew up in Afri-KA." President Bush's mention of Mutombo (and "that video lady") encouraged viewers to, among other things, re-up their subscriptions to Reader's Digest.
- Katherine Harris passed out business cards.
- Emmy winner Jim Webb's terrific response encouraged some crackpot writers to wonder if he should run for President.
- Bush uses some words more than others in the SOTU.

On an unrelated note, The Economist had this great note about Barack Obama's smoking habit: "...But as habits go, Mr Obama's smoking is less annoying than John Kerry's poetry writing and less odd than George Bush's obsessive brush-clearing..."

Cool Maps...
...can be found here.

Wednesday, Jan. 24

India and China: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
The BBC expects that, within the next decade, India's economy will overtake the UK's. On the same day, the BBC reported that a man in India wed the woman he raped while on trial for said rape. Jesus.

Meanwhile, similar shit is taking place in China, where they are expected to be more tech-savvy that the US, but journalists are still being beaten to death.

Useless Genre Classification Dept.
The New York Times pronounced that the Klaxons are ravers. Among other things, of course.

Kevin Costner, Halle Berry are Great Artists
The Oscar nominations came out on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Martin Scorsese announced that his next film will be, "three hours of begging for Oscar."

Meanwhile, Cosmodrome's resident film geeks are still making themselves irrelevant with their discussion of the year 2006 in film.

Thursday, Jan. 25

TV on the Internets
-Cheney to Blitzer: Lay off My Lesbian Daughter
-David Bowie's terrific appearance on the occasionally great show, Extras.

Great Moments in IMDB News
As I've noted before, IMDB News can be great on occasion, and Thursday's edition is just that:

-Elijah Wood and Jared Leto get in fight.
-Actor sent for 'sensitivity training' for calling other actor a fag.
-Parenting advice a la Dakota: "You have to prepare your children for things that happen in the world. Everything isn't rosy."
-Kennedy Ex To Reveal Madonna Romance

They're Old.... They're Just SO Old
Wonkette reports that the current Senate is the oldest ever. Robert Byrd, the oldest of them all, does a great job of pretending like he's still in the 1960s by saying "Yeahhhhh mannnnn" over and over and over.

Meanwhile, another old man who's not in the Senate, Donny Rummy, is still wasting taxpayers' money.

Friday, Jan. 26

Seriously People, Michael Vick Obviously Smokes Weed
After being caught in an airport with what clearly was a bong, Michael Vick clarifies to reporters, "That Wasn't Marijuana, This Is Marijuana."

Golden Showers
Vladimir Putin is a man amongst men. He has a fucking amazing plane with an actual golden shower, investors love him enough that a significant number of the world's top hedge funds are Russian-focused, and even Mikhail Gorbachev digs his style. Human rights be damned!

And finally, I leave you with this gem:

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