The United States of the World

Motherfuck, I knew that the U.S. is tops (and by a lot) when it comes to the dollaz, but this map really hammers it in. Each state is labeled with a country with a GDP equivalent to that individual state.

France is allegedly the sixth largest national economy in the world, but that seems prit-tay unimpressive in light of the fact that California, with about half the size in both area and population, is just as ballin as the République française.

My favorite, for reasons beyond my fetish for a certain country that is a sizeable chunk of the Eurasian landmass, is that Russia (area: 6,592,800 sq mi / population: 142,400,000) is rollin in as much ca$h money as...New Jersey (area: 8,729 sq mi / population: 8,414,350). I'd like to think there is some symbolism to this link between my actual homeland and my homeland-in-spirit.

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