Cashing In On Nostalgia

Does history have a price? Is it quantifiable? Because it’s becoming quite costly lately to have memories. Nostalgia’s a huge industry and there’s always been more than enough memorabilia and commemorative plates. I guess it’s nothing new, but never before have so many old, expensive things spoken so directly to me.

First, this is the year of getting the band back together and tempting me with festival appearances and high ticket prices. I even have to buy a new pair of jeans after ripping several holes in my last pair in anticipation of the Van Halen reunion.

Then there are cars. I really can’t decide between Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T., the original Batmobile, or even the Ghostbuster’s Ecto 1. At this point in my life I don’t actually need a car. I just need these cars.

Or, I could live out the fantasies I had when I was 6 years old: own every single Nintendo game ever made.

Ultimately, if I were to live well above my means and rashly spend my entire yearly income on only one item, it would be this Holy Grail, a thing I’ve searched years for, a piece of the glowing rock: The Aggro Crag.

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