The Temporary (White House Press) Secretary: She's a Lady!

Dana Perino, who is filling in for Tony Snow as White House Press Secretary, might be the best (or at the very least, most attractive) person to come out of 6+ years of Bush.

In her first press conference in the new role, she's already admitting the backwardness of the administration and the inconsistencies of its stance on the fired US Attorneys (fwd. to ~1:30 mark of the video below to skip Olbermann's rant and get to the WHPS hotness):

Read on to find out who the greatest WHPS ever is. Hint: It's not Bill Moyers, Ari Fleischer, Joe Lockhart, or Dee Dee Myers.

While much credit goes to Dee Dee for being the youngest WHPS ever AND the first and only female WHPS, there's never been anyone better than her fictionalized self:

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