Vacation!!! (Day Two)

Here's us on the boardwalk. Tony thinks he knows where we're going. Ange was too busy "chatting" with George to show us where to go ... LOLZ!!!

Unfortunately, we didn't get the time to hang out at Ange's place on Day Two. Though it was not without fun!!!

Here's my photos from Day Two of our vacation on the German seaside.

Day One's photos are here.

Husbands and Wives....

Here's our spouses with some locals. Barbara Laura and that pregnant woman Cherie look so... ummm... nice!

Tony and Vlad went out clubbing after this one...

Losers!!!!! (PS... Nick's wife didn't show - another man... again?!?!?!?!)

I see about six girls here that Jacques and Silvio would have hit on, if they were here. (Not Ange though!!!!! LOLZ)

It was really nice of Vlad and Romo to talk to these two dudes that showed up.

Typical. (Well, after all... how would you look if you just got blown by a G8 head of state?!?!?!)

"... and that's how tall Harry Reid is!"

Give George a break, Ange rejected him (briefly, see below), and the spouses were out...

They always come back around :)

Security! Security! Who's this guy on the right!?!??!?!?!?!

Let's just say two of these three went to bed together. (Hint, Ange wasn't involved ;)

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