Dick Cheney Does Not Have a God Complex. He Is God.

Dick Cheney is so powerful that the Washington Post has devoted an entire section to him.

The section, actually called "Angler } The Cheney Presidency," looks at Cheney from Wyoming to Washington, everything in between and about. The story is complete with photo albums where you can see Dick play with children, give creepy looks, smile with historical figures, lurk, give creepy looks, be a child (it seems weird to think he was once young), get married, lurk, go fishing, and give a stare down a five year old child.

And while the Post doesn't really add anything groundbreaking to the Cheney saga, it does put together a number of useful stories and verify things you always felt were true. No, he didn't listen to Condi & Colin. Yes, he writes policy with a rubber stamp from Bush. No, he didn't flinch during 9/11 - and yes, he did start drafting plans to "fuck everything" that day.

But all this talk really boils down to one thing: Bush does next-to-nothing; it's all Dick.

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