Weird Food I've Been Tricked Into Eating

7. Frog
- When I saw the tiny hand coming out of the serving dish, I realized I was not, in fact, eating "chicken in fish sauce."

6. Intestines
- Don't believe them when they say "It's squash. Or eggplant. What? Just eat it."

5. Snake
- I was told this was eel , but it didn't taste sweet or tender. It was more rubbery, a lot less fishy, and made me feel sinful.

4. Jellyfish
- Honestly, this doesn't belong on the list. Eating jellyfish is badass.

3. Tendons (cow)
- My dad loves these, so when I was about seven, he suggested I try some, telling me the vaguely transluscent brown lumps in his soup were "meat jello."

2. Sea Cucumber
- I still have no idea what this thing is. It tastes like nothing. Just a weird, sloppy slimy, rotten banana...that's made out of oatmeal.

1. Thousand-year-old Eggs
- Fear Factor's got nothing on me. I could eat these bad boys all day. Actually, I'd probably eat most of this shit anyway.

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