Cheney Doesn't Do Chores; Emanuel Makes Empty Threat of Taking Away Allowance

This week's Administration scandal, it seems, is Dick Cheney (aka "God") - and he deserves it. Cheney has probably been the scandal of the last 300 or so weeks. This time however, Dick has chosen to dodge the scandal (not submitting documents to the National Archives) by claiming he's not part of the executive branch.

So in response, and in a move that is at once witty and tough, while also completely hopeless, Congressman Rahm Emanuel is planning to introduce a budget amendment that will take away the bulk of the VP's funding. Emanuel reasons that since Cheney seems to think he's not part of the Administration, he shouldn't be funded as part of it.

When asked during a recent press conference how the Administration feels about this classification and Emanuel's proposed amendment, former temporary White House Press Secretary Dana Perino (aka "the incredibly clueless babe press secretary") eloquently expressed why it's necessary to keep Dick's files classified. Actually... no... Perino just thinks it's "an interesting constitutional question, and I think that lots of people can debate it."

Cheney's office, filling the explanatory void where Perino left off, went back to Rahm with the Admin's new favorite response to everything, accusing him of "playing politics."

Photo of Cheney wearing parka at Auschwitz via The American Prospect

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