The System Doesn't Work.

While the Federal Government has more than its share of bad moments, this morning we had the rare opportunity to see all three branches at their worst.

The Legislative branch, once again showing an incredible ability to do nothing and get paid for it, struck down the bill to overhaul the immigration system. The bill, while flawed, had the support of Ted Kennedy and President Bush, who are basically polar opposites (except for their love for the bottle). It's disheartening to see this complete inability of Congress to find a compromise on this matter - especially given the amount of time, money, and vocal strength spent on it.

Meanwhile, over in the Judicial branch, Scalithomas and Co. continued their string of recent victories for conservatives, striking down race placement in public schools and allowing companies to set minimum prices on products.


And finally, and least surprising of all, the Executive branch reclaimed Dick Cheney as one of their own, but called the whole argument moot, as they still refused to cooperate with a basically sound accountability requirement that they submit files to the National Archives. In response, Senators are calling for a Constitutional showdown.

Screenshot via the news agency that has been getting crappier every minute of the last decade,

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