The Year of the Panda Bear

It really was the year of the Panda.

Now that Pitchfork has named Panda Bear's "Person Pitch" the "Album of the Year," it should be noted that Cosmodrome predicted this SUBCONSCIOUSLY by posting about panda bears a total of five times in the year 2007, making it the most talked about subject this year, besides Daft Punk.

So here they are for you, our retrospective prophesy confirmed!

Scenes from Indiana Jones, set to the music of Panda Bear.

Thai Zoo Hopes Porn Will Get Sluggish Pandas to Mate

They are becoming more like us.

"Follow Me! Follow Me to Freedom!"
Prison Break: Panda Edition

I'd like to imagine that once that Panda got out, he went on a crime spree, as depicted in my once-and-future tattoo.

If I Was In The Market For A Tattoo....

... I might have to get this one: