I liveblogged the last 31 minutes of 'Moment of Truth' for those of you who couldn't make it past minute 29

On the hot seat is a 33 year old married man who used to be a professional football player and is now a personal trainer. in his audience are his wife and his best friend. the first few questions were softballs, and it was easy to ask yourself: will it take all 21 questions before they pop the question: have you ever cheated on your wife?

it doesn't.

but that doesn't mean you should get your hopes up...

so jumping right into it...

that answer is false.

he lied and the polygraph caught him! he loses everything. you can't beat the polygraph!!

ok, contestant 2.

he's a divorced marketing exec from florida. he lives with his three daughters and his girlfriend. all of his teeth are capped and he's wearing a rug. this guy is a living lie. let's see if he can make it to the $500k.

we have a bunch of george's loved ones in the audience: his chinese girlfriend, boss, and chinese would-be father-in-law. i'm curious how they pay this off...

Q: have you ever gone through a co-worker's private belongings without their knowledge...

and i'm so bored i don't even care what his answer is. there's some disingenuous har har har banter between him and his boss... wtf is this even about?

it's time to learn about his background! he's catholic and was an alter boy (which he admits to while giving an officer's salute)...

and the question!...

Q: have you ever had a sexual fantasy while attending mass?

and the answer...


it's confirmed by the polygraph. and we get a reaction shot of his girlfriend. it's pretty clear where this is going.

there are a lot of questions like this-questions that sound revealing and "dirty" but really if you stop and think about it, who hasn't? it's like the question for the first guy if he's ever sneaked a peak of another dude in a locker room. he was a professional athlete. he spent a lot of time in there. if he had said "no" and the polygraph said that was true, i would question the polygraph.

commercial break.

my brother: "this show sucks."

i say: "yeah, but I'm liveblogging it. and it might be a good writing exercise. in what tense do you live blog? present or past?"

"i guess," he says, and strums his acoustic guitar.

we are 44 minutes in.

i missed the first question back from commercial. sorry dan.

next question: are you a member of the hair club for men?

his answer: "yes!"

chinese girlfriend: "you look great baby."

come to think of it, he kind of looks like the guy from the hair club for men commercial.

he tells a self-deprecating joke about swimming with a toupe.

more personal background: he's the marketing manager for a racetrack in florida!

Q: are you addicted to gambling?

three one thousand... four one thousand...

A: "definitely yes."

he just LOVES gambling, but he has to admit "it's one of his problems"

Q: Do you have a bank account your girlfriend doesn't know about?

A: No.

he took a lot of time to answer... is he lying??


how could that be true?! he has a gambling problem! he must have some private account!

chinese girlfriend just gave him a thumbs up. she is giving a thumbs up to her bald, toupe wearing, gambling addict boyfriend because he doesn't have a bank account. what has the world come to?

commercial break.

i still don't really get what House is about. is he a doctor? and?

and we're back. and there's 3 minutes left. and "he's ready to go all the way."

Q: have you ever padded your underwear to look more well endowed?

A: yes.

of course he has.

and we're out of time.

we're going to have to wait til next time to see this guy and his rug.

i will never watch this show again.

preview of the next episode: things get worse for george. has he ever helped smuggle shit into the country? (is that some kind of a florida gambling joke?) is he in love with his girlfriend? and a special appearance by one of his kids, who asks him: have you ever gambled away one of your children's college funds?.... but we'll have to wait til next time to find out.

no thanks.

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