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When You Are a Pitbull

Serena Williams advances at Wimbledon [New York Times]

This is the second time we've used this headline; previously to quote Patrick Swayze re. Mel Gibson.

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Today in Balls

Today in "Sport," as the BBC refers to their sportS pages, victory was revoked from the 1996 winner of the Tour de France, Dane Bjarne Riis, after he confessed to doping. The organization put it this way: "We consider philosophically that he can no longer claim to have won." He had been using EPOs for about 5 years, including during his 96 win.

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My Giant

Classic advertisement for Sportscenter featuring Romanian film/NBA star Gheorghe Muresan. Muresan is best known for his work in the 1998 Billy Crystal joint, My Giant.

From this blog item listing the 10 best of its type.

Another one, best known as "Follow Me To Freedom," below.

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Why don't we have a sports category?

Because this is amazing.

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