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Oh Yeah...Film

The ol' Domino factory

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They Better Keep the Conveyor Belt

B&H Photo, world's largest/craziest conveyor-belt-equipped photo shop, is settling a $4.3 million Equal Employment Opportunity Commision suit alleging it doesn't pay/promote its few Hispanic employees as much as its Jewish ones.

Shot by karpfish on flickr

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iSuck: Unemployed Bloggers Turn Local Cafe Into New Apple Store

Williamsburg, Brooklyn-- 3:30PM on a Wednesday:

14 Mac laptops in one local coffee shop.

"Internet! Internet! Internet! That's what you like to do. Read a fucking book!"

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Pictures from a Perfect Sunday

From the Jelly NYC McCarren Park Pool Party,Ted Leo show, August 12, 2007.

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Williamsburg Slasher Slayed By Local Kickball Nerds

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Mayor Bloomberg Gets A Lift to Express Train, Media Sprints to the "Invetigation" Room

This morning, we learned that the New York Times spent upwards of five weeks
stalking NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg outside his Upper East Side home in an effort to learn whether he really does in fact take the subway to work every day.

Apparently he doesn't. At least he sort of doesn't. According to the report, the Mayor actually has two large ethanol powered Suburbans idling outside his home, which then drive him past two 6 (local) stations and then drop him off at the 59th Street express.

Airborne Toxic Event: The Cleanup

So I work about a block and a half away from the "failure of [New York City's] infrastructure", which caused this.
The day after my office was within the "frozen zone" that shut everything down, however, 2 days later they opened up some of the nearby streets that allowed a flood of professionals in fancy clothes to weave through the police tape and barricades.
A few pictures:

Outside my office on 3rd Ave and 42nd St.

more pictures below

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Airborne Toxic Event

Whoa. Via Gothamist

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Putting the GREEN back into the 'Point

The Greenpoint Oil Spill, the largest oil spill in American history, compromising anywhere from 17 to 30 million gallons of oil (which accounts for a spill that is twice to three times the amount of the Valdez spill), is still bubbling under the surface of northern Brooklyn and southern Queens. The spill, caused by an explosion in 1950, was only noticed in 1978 by the Coast Guard.

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A Nice Perch

A red-tailed hawk hangs out near Grand Army Plaza. [via Gothamist]

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