Abuliatronix - January 17, 2006

1. Junior Senior: "Hello" (Hey Hey My My Yo Yo)
2. Junior Senior: "Hip Hop A Lula" (Hey Hey My My Yo Yo)

I know I'm not allowed to put 2 songs by the same band on my mix, but I hardly think the 44 second intro counts as a song. But it fits perfectly as an intro to my second mix. This is the best song off their new album, which is better and more balanced than the last. If Andy D believed in some sort of god, they would be it.

3. Piano Overlord: “Diplo Electric Manatee Final Mixdown” (The Singles Collection 03-05)
Piano Overlord is one of Scott Herren (Prefuse 73)’s 3 million pseudonyms. I dunno if this is a Diplo remix or collabo, but its got all the right moves. Obligatory gun cocking before the beat drop.

4. Gravenhurst: "Velvet Cell" (Fires in Distant Buildings)
The least likely artist on Warp's label finally grows some teeth, albeit baby teeth, and rocks out a bit more than in their debut. There are reports that the singer is batshit insane.

5. Smoosh: “It’s Cold” (She’s Like Electric)
Obligatory “I can’t believe they’re younger than us” song. Two sisters that were like ten and twelve when they recorded this, they immediately became media darlings. I thought it’d be one of those cases of when someone’s parent obviously did all the work on their science project and I thought it’d be crap… But man, they’re actually way better than a lot of the bands I’ve come across that are 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x older.

6. TV on the Radio: “Me – I” (OK Calculator)
Wasn’t planning on including them again until I came across their brilliantly titled unreleased album… I don’t really like it, too much acapella for me, but this song’s pretty hot with a combo of beat boxin’, toy piano, and harmonica. The lo-fi-ness of this song could mean its ostensibly a demo, but who the fuck knows? Now whenever we pass them on the street we’ll at least know they’re doing more than sitting at that coffee shop all day.

7. Amon Tobin: "Verbal" (Out From Out Where)
My boy Amon is known for his sick and sinister beats, but here he pulls a Prefuse 73 and slices and dices some vocals then gingerly dashes them on top of the mix like a musical Iron Chef.

8. Unwound: “December” (Leaves Turn Inside You)
I unfortunately only got into this band after they unwound (zing!), but dig them a lot now. This is from their double disked swan song.

9. Mount Sims: “Lights On” (Wild Light)
Love that dirrty techno. Dig that bassline.

10. Handsome Boy Modeling School: "I've Been Thinking About (Ft. Cat Power)" (White People)
The best song off of a disappointing sequel and what looks to be Automator and Prince Paul's last Handsome Boy record. Still, sexy as all get out. Chan Marshall can seduce me any day she pleases. To be listened to while staring at her allmusic pictures.

“I’ve been thinking about all those things you made me do too.” Lordy.

11. Mogwai: “Acid Food” (Mr. Beast)
Mogwai’s new album is way better than their last and has a much sicker title. This song drops their homicidal drummer for a fuzzed drum machine and even has vocals. Is that – is that a slide guitar?? WTF?

12. Bloc Party: "Hero" (Two More Years Single)
B-side to a new single not on Silent Alarm. In a recent article Dude From The Band says that this song probably symbolizes the direction their next record will be going. "Smash a keyboard into their faces."

13. Minotaur Shock: “Motoring Britain” (Rinse)
I must be crazy to put a 6 minute song on my mix, but the texture of it is so dope. Wait until some of those snares are replaced by x-phones.

14. Dani Sciliano & Matthew Herbert: "Everybody Here Wants You" (Dream Brother: The Songs of Jeff and Tim Buckley)
Obligatory cover. One of Jeff’s sexiest songs is in good hands with Herbert and his oft chanteuse Dani Sciliano. Not as good as the original but an interesting take on it, with the chorus only sadly coming at the end.

15. Matias Aguayo: "De Papel" (Are You Really Lost?)
Dunno how this showed up on my list of downloaded Soulseek music. Must've been queued up long ago and only recently finally downloaded. Can't remember why I queued him up, but I'm sure glad.

16. Engineers: "Home" (Engineers)
Came across this recently after reading a review that compares them to late Talk Talk, which is all someone needs to say to get me on Soulseek immediately. I don't see the connection all that well, but its solid.

17. Mum: “Ballad of the Broken Birdie Record [Ruxpin Remix 2]”(Mum Remixed )
Obligatory remix. Sounds like its being sung by ghost children on the fjords of Iceland. Haunting.

18. Sigur Ros: “Hoppipolla” (Takk…)
New Sigur Ros album is much more optimistic than the stark ( ), but they still are able to provide music for dark, cold weather.

19. Grizzly Bear: "Merge" (Horn of Plenty)
Been listening to this album a lot lately. I almost can’t believe it got a remix album. This is a track by fellow-Brooklynite (I wanna say I read Greenpoint somewhere) that couldn't be a more perfect mixtape closer.