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Bruxism - Sept 14, 2011


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Neo-Brutalism - Apr. 22 2010

I've made a new mix.

I could list the tracks, but you'll just have to trust me on this one (unless requested otherwise). Feel free to let the order be determined by how your unzipping program sees fit. Though, I do recommend that The Mogwai cover of Fuck Buttons end the mix. It feels more like an ender track than an in-betweener track. You'll see what I mean.

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I-15 -- Jan/22/10

The Animals video is something special.

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Exsanguination - Oct - 5 - 09

The impetus for most mixes is usually just one song. That song this time is by Washed Out.
Put it first.
Also-- so much Bradford Cox.

[Note: the picture included has no relation to title or theme of the mix, but if you want to think of it as a direct response to this, feel free.]

-Washed Out – Feel It All Around
-Atlas Sound – Shelia
-Siriusmo – High Together
-Taken By Trees – My Boys
-Matias Aguayo – Rollerskate
-Atlas Sound – Walk a Thin Line
-Basement Jaxx – A Possibility
-Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo
-The Crêpes – What Else?
-Deerhunter – Vox Celeste 5
-Kings Of Convenience – Boat Behind
-Busta Rhymes – Gimme Some More
-Bibio – Kaini Industries
-Karen O and the Kids – Rumpus
-Phoenix – Love Like a Sunset (Animal Collective RMX)
-Michael Jackson – We’ve Got a Good Thing Going

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Russian Winter, Bushwick Summer

Here are some tunes that have gotten me through these hostile and opposing environs. It's mostly the usual years-old bangers and decades-old post-punk ish, but now featuring some bangers in Russian. Young Jeezy narrowly beat Elephant Man for MVP on this one.

Young Jeezy ft/ Jay-Z, "My President is Black (remix)"
Maximum Joy, "In the Air"
Young Jeezy, "Gangsta Music"
Elephant Man, "All Out"
MED, "Push"
Grauzone, "Wütendes Glas"
The Monochrome Set, "The Ruling Class"
Judy Nylon, "Jailhouse Rock"
Love Committee, "Just As Long As I've Got You"
Wire, "1 2 X U"
Seryoga, "Дискомалярия (Disco Malaria)"
Timoti ft/ Bogdan Titomir, Tuman & Geegun, "Грязные Шлюшки (Dirty Bitches)"
Lil Vicious & Doug E. Fresh, "Freaks"
Shawnna, "Getting Some Head"
Jay-Z, "La La La (Excuse Me Miss Again)"
Swizz Beatz ft/ Young Jeezy, Eve, Elephant Man, "Money in the Bank (remix)"
Spragga Benz, "The Pusher"
Robin Thicke, "When I Get You Alone"
Tatu, "Ya Soshla S Uma"
Seryoga, "Аггробабруйск (Aggrobabruisk)"

We Are Reasonable People - 3-18-09

Have you accepted Fred Falke as your personal dancefloor'd savior?

Jesse Rose - "Well Now"
Phoenix - "1901"
Zombi - "Sapphire (Escort Remix)"
Will Young - "Grace (Fred Falke Remix)"
The Laughing Light of Plenty - "The Rose"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Heads Will Roll"
Exploding Hearts - "I'm A Pretender"
Undertones - "Teenage Kicks"
Juvelen - "Baby When You're Gone"
Röyksopp - "Happy Up Here"
Peter Bjorn & John - "It Don't Move Me"
Hold Steady - "Atlantic City"
Blackalicious - "Make You Feel That Way"
Spoon - "Peace Like A River"
Bat For Lashes - "Daniel"
Junior Boys - "Dull To Pause"

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City/Island - Feb 10, 2009

In the limbo time between leaving the city and moving to the island, I was torn between listening to tracks reminding me of city life and pumping myself with tracks to sunny-up my disposition for island life. These mixes are a purging of songs I’ve been sitting on for a while, some a great while. Have I gotten less subtle as time has gone on (The Bowie track, 2 mentions of “Beach”, 2 of “City”, 1 of “Island” ) or lazier? The fact is, I could have been worse (Whitest Boy’s “Courage” rather than “Island”, Air France’s “Collapsing…” rather than “Beach Party”, nothing by Beach Party for that matter, etc).
Put in whatever order you wish, but the specified first and last tracks are recommended.

There’s a gem amongst this whole collection: the Legend/Colbert joint “Nutmeg”.
Gets me everytime.

1.Avalanches – “Ray of Zdarlight”
-The Cars – “Heartbeat City”
-Enon – “In This City”
-Matias Aguayo – “Minimal (DJ Koze Radio Edit)”
-Arthur Russell – “Your Motion Says”
-Cassius – “Rock No. 1 (K I M remix)”
-Hot Chip – “Transmission”
-Gui Boratto – “No Turning Back”
-The Whitest Boy Alive – “Courage”
-Kaito - “Hundred Million Lightyears"
11. Telefon Tel Aviv – “Sound In A Dark Room”

1.David Bowie – “New Career In A New Town”
-Studio – “Life’s a Beach!”
-Cat Power – “Islands”
-Beach Boys - “Sloop John B”
-Stephen Colbert & John Legend – “Nutmeg”
-Gui Boratto – “Beautiful Life (demo)”
-Stevie Wonder – “Boogie On Reggae Woman”
-Tony Matterhorn – “Dutty Wine” *
-Marcia Griffiths – “Feel Like Jumping”
-The BPA – “Toe Jam ft. David Bryne & Dizzee Rascal”
-Erlend Oye/Phoenix – “If I Ever Feel Better”
12.Air France – “Collapsing At Your Doorstep”

*”Some doctors have warned against performing the Dutty Wine, claiming it may cause serious muscle trauma, and ligament damage.”

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Trinushka Leningradskaya

With Putin patiently awaiting my arrival, I leave you with my certifiably bangin Thanksgiving 2008 mix.
Тринушка Ленинградская
Trinushka Leningradskaya*

01. Sonic Youth, "The Burning Spear"
02. Grauzone, "Hinter den Bergen"
03. David Bowie, "Sound and Vision"
04. Prince, "Under the Cherry Moon"
05. Sean Paul, "Breakout"
06. Bossman, "Ayo"
07. France Gall, "Nefertiti"
08. Izza Kizza, "Timbo freestyle"
09. Izza Kizza, "Millionaire"
10. Suicide, "Ghost Rider"
11. T.I., "U Don't Know Me"
12. The Police, "The Bed's too Big Without You"
13. The Monochrome Set,"The Jet Set Junta"
14. Timbaland, Magoo & Missy Elliot, "Cop that Shit"
15. UNK, "Walk it Out"

I am predictable, I know.

Fuckin' Arrows (10June2008)

This week's toxic heat could only mean that summer's already here. Thus I present what will surely be the first of many mixes offered this summer.
BONUS! While listening consider these questions:
- Have Sigur Rós been listening to a lot of Animal Collective?
- Why did the Beach Boys drop this superior chorus?
- Is anything more pleasurable than hearing Prince sing the words "Does Not Compute"?
- Was the Tiffany version necessary after listening to the original?
- Is Ladyhawke ripping Cyndi Lauper?
- Is this Love song my favorite song of ever, at this very moment? (answer: YES.)
- Will the Hold Steady ever give their livers a rest? (answer: NO.)

- Where can I download this mix? (answer: HERE!)

1. The Hold Stead - 'Constructive Summer' [Stay Positive]
2. Sigur Rós - 'Gobbledigook' [Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust]
3. Ike & Tina Turner - '(As Long As I Can) Get You When I Want You' [Workin' Together]
4. Tommy James & the Sondells - 'I Think We're Alone Now'
5. Desmond Dekker - '0.0.7. (Shanty Town)' [The Harder They Fall Soundtrack]
6. White Williams - 'Violator' [Smoke]
7. The Beach Boys - 'Hold On to Your Ego' [Pet Sounds Bonus Tracks]
8. Lykke Li - 'I'm Good, I'm Gone (Fred Falke Remix)' [I'm Good I'm Gone]
9. Kenna - 'Freetime' [New Sacred Cow]
10. Ladyhawke - 'Back of The Van'
11. Yellow Magic Orchestra - 'Day Tripper' [Sold State Survivor]
12. Prince - 'Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)' [1999]
13. Impressions - 'They Don't Know' [This Is My Country]
14. Bo Diddley - 'Infatuation' [Where It All Began]
15. Love - 'Everybody's Gotta Live'
16. Ratatat - 'Mahalo' [Schiller 7"]

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Si Se Puede (March 17, 2008)

This mix haz a flavor. And it's mostly disco.

Andrew WK - ”McLaughlin Groove” (w/ video!)
Neon Neon – “Dream Girls” [Stainless Style]*
Louis La Roche – “Love”**
M.I.A. – “Paper Planes (DFA Remix)” [Paper Planes Homeland Security Remixes]***
Jamie Lidell – “Hurricane” [Jim]^
Sebastien Tellier – “Divine” [Sexuality]
Juvelen – “Don’t Mess”
MGMT – “Electric Feel” [Oracular Spectacular]
Yeasayer – “Sunrise” [All Hour Cymbals]

Bag Raiders – “Fun Punch” [Fun Punch EP]
Radio Dept. – “Bad Reputation” [Annie Laurie EP]^^
Hercules & Love Affair – “Hercules’ Theme” [Hercules & Love Affair]
Gonzales – “Slow Down (ft. Teki Latex)”
The Whitest Boy Alive – “Golden Cage” (Fred Falke Remix)
Map of Africa – “Map of Africa” [Map of Africa] (MORE)

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