Another False Alarm - May 26, 2006

Elvis. Bruce. Neil.

Sometimes it's necessary to listen to the Great White Men.


1. Bruce Springsteen: "Thunder Road" (Born to Run)

2. The Clash: "Train in Vain" (London Calling)

3. Elvis Costello: "Pump It Up" (This Year's Model)

4. David Bowie: "Rebel Rebel" (Diamond Dogs)

5. The Cars: "Drive" (Hearbeat City)

6. Uncle Tupelo: "Moonshiner" (March 16-20, 1992)

7. Tom Petty: "Listen to Her Heart" (You're Gonna Get It)

8. The Beatles: "Don't Let Me Down" (Pastmasters Vol. 2)

9. The Smiths: "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me" (Strangeways, Here We Come)

10. Neil Young: "I Believe In You" (After the Gold Rush)

11. Tom Waits: "Clap Hands" (Rain Dogs)

12. Magnetic Fields: "I Don't Want to Get Over You" (69 Love Songs)

13. Bruce Springsteen: "Backstreets" (Born to Run)

14. Iggy Pop: "Fall in Love With Me" (Lust for Life)

15. The Misfits: "Hybrid Moments" (Static Age)

16. Elvis Costello: "This Year's Girl" (This Year's Model)

17. Magnetic Fields: "Tokyo A-Go-Go" (The Wayward Bus)

18. Ramones: "I Don't Care" (Rocket to Russia)

19. Bob Dylan: "I Threw It All Away" (Nashville Skyline)

20. Neil Young: "Helpless" (Helpless)