CAPITAL LETTERS -- May 29, 2006 in OLD, COPPED, HOT, and DANCE! Yeah, whatev. Just listen. It's awesome...except maybe that one song that I chose almost purely because the band's name is my birthday.


1. Beirut: "The Gulag Orkestar" (The Gulag Orkestar)

2. Sonic Youth: "What A Waste" (Rather Ripped)

3. Gorillaz: "Kids With Guns (Hot Chip remix)" (Kids With Guns (EP))

4. TKO: "1-800-Ted & Kette" (Let's Get Ready to Rumble)

5. Lily Allen: "Smile" (Alright Still)

6. Philippe Sarde: "L'appel du verre" (Tess/The Tenant)

7. Delta 5: "Mind Your Own Business" (GRLZ)

8. REM: "Orange Crush" (Green)

9. Eighteenth Day of May: "Hide & Seek" (s/t)

10. Voxtrot: "Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, & Wives" (AMisc. Songs)

11. Basement Jaxx: "Hot 'n' Cold" (Kish Kash)

12. Phoenix: "Long Distance Call" (It's Never Been Like That)

13. Neil Motherfucking Diamond: "Delirious Love" (12 Songs)

14. Joseph Francis Machine: "Fuzz Beat" (Disparities & Alterations)

15. Robyn: "Konichiwa Bitches" (s/t)

16. Rappers Delight Club: "Hum" (s/t)

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