Dan's Gorgeous Gorging Mix - Nov. 22, 2005

The perfect mix for Thanksgiving time. Broken down into discrete sections:
a) The surge of excitement during the thanksgiving meal.
b) The cozy happiness of digestion.
c) Dessert!
d) The depression that comes with realizing how much you ate.
e) The revelation that you've got days worth of leftovers to look forward to.

1. Quincy Jones: "Ironside" (Kill Bill Vol. 1)

2. Foxy Brown: "Oh Yeah" (Daddy G DJ Kicks)
LAWD! LAWD! "You an industry chick/I’m and in-da-streets chick”

3. Goldfrapp: "Lovely 2 C U" (Supernature)
Best known for having the backing track for a gameboy commercial, she could probably kick our asses at Smash Brothers with all her Nintendo cred.

4. Radiohead: "Remyxamatosis [Cristian Vogel Remix]" (2+2= 5 Single)
Jamie Lidell’s batshit crazy friend does this remix, for what I can only assume is because the name is just too good to pass up. Results are pretty awesome.

5. Isolee: "My Hi Matic" (Wearemonster)
Soundtrack to my sunrise walk to the subway station every morn.

6. Boards of Canada: "Dayvan Cowboy" (The Campfire Headphase)
When I heard this for the first time, out of my mind and with Chairman Meow (my cat) passed out on my chest, shit, friend, well that’s just heaven.

7. Blur: "Tender [Cornelius Remix]" (Interpretation by Cornelius)
Choral remixes are the wave of the future.

8. Ladytron: "Last One Standing" (Witching Hour)
"Seventeen" this ain’t. But what is?

9. Battles: "I PT 2" (B EP)
Math! Rock! For 1:49! Battles is headed by a guy named Tyondai Braxton, who I really hope is related to Toni Braxton.

10. Ted Leo: "Since U Been Gone"
Only guy I know with the pipes to reach the upper registers. "Maps" interlude free of charge.

11. Animal Collective ft. Vashti Bunyan: "Prospect Hummer" (Prospect Hummer EP)
Vashti’s a hot tart these days after releasing a new album 35 years after the last. Here she teams up with equally hot tots A. to da C. Results as expected.

12. Lali Puna: "Micronomic [Boom Bip Remix]" (I Thought I Was Over That)
Johnny Greenwood’s favorite band remixed by some dude who was on the cover of URB with Diplo. This can only mean good things.

13. Luomo ft. Raz Ohara: "On a Runway" (Running Away)
"Billy Jean" fried in sexy batter.

14. Shannon: "Let the Music Play" (Let the Music Play)
“Cause love just can’t be proven/and he could feel me movin’/even though we were dancin’ apart”

15. TV on the Radio vs. Afrika Bambaataa: "Staring at the Sun" (Hollertronix Vol. 2 EP)
Not as good as Hollertronix’s Mike Jones (Mike Jones!) vs. Britney mashup and it could use more Afrika, but you better dance bitches!

16. TaTu: "Loves me Not" (Dangerous and Moving)
I will support anything involving cowgirls, mermaids, or Russian Lesbos.

17. The Supremes: "You Keep Me Hanging On" (Motown Story)
Only the most flamboyant karaoke-ers can attempt to match the genius of this song.

18. Aretha Franklin: "Rock Steady [Danny Kravit Edit]" (Daddy G DJ Kicks)
There’s something too right about remixing Aretha. Bookends the mix by 2 Daddy G picks.

19. David Pajo: "High Lonesome Moan" (Pajo)
Far as I can tell this guy’s not done really all that much in his career. If this song is any indication, this boy could go far. Maybe even termed “prolific” at some point.