Everyday I'm Hustlin'

It was rainy all day, so HERE is a playlist expressing my inner precipitation. Admit you just laughed!

You have one week before the link expires.


01. Rick Ross, “Hustlin”
Clique-anthem-worthy-title aside, this dozen-layered beat is so spooky. Verses are thoroughly disappointing, but whatever.
02. Chamillionaire ft/Krayzie Bone, “Ridin’”
I am so glad this song exists. Especially because of the end of a certain Bone Thugs star's verse. "My music's so loud, we SWANGIN!"
03. The Misfits, “Return of the Fly”
It is hard for me to go without a track from Static Age on any mix. I probably won't stop until I have gone through the whole album. I love New Jersey! I love Glenn Danzig's heavenly voice!
04. Cabaret Voltaire, “Silent Command”
Take a few drugs, and you'll understand.
'Read More' to...read more.
05. DJ Funky Boy, “Montagem Vasco”
I know it's Scott's job to rep the Brazilian ish, but I couldn't get this song out of my mind after I heard it on one of Gavin's radio shows that I infamously guest-starred on.
06. OMD, “Enola Gay”
So gay. So good.
07. Fannypack, “Hey Mami”
This song succinctly expresses my life story (especially when I am wearing a skirt, walking around South Williamsburg) and it's from ESG Jr.!
08. Pere Ubu, “Blow Daddy-O"
See number four's blurb.
09. The Beatnuts, “No Escapin’ This”
I think one of my biggest weaknesses in assessing a beat is when part of the beat is a spooky yet melodic ascending-descending female vocal track.
10. Sting ft/Branford Marsalis, “Englishman in New York”
This is one of my mother's favorite songs. This is from the critical juncture when Sting was going from Police-level-fucking-awesomeness to adult-contemporary-level-pre-packaged-shit. Also, in googling I came across the video, which is, thankfully, in black and white like I imagined.
11. Talking Heads, “Air”
Yeah, so you are sick of Fear of Music? But, really, is there anything better?
12. E40 ft/Keak Da Sneak, “Tell Me When to Go”
Best beat of the year thus far, even though E40 claims all hip hop slang comes from his fat ass and is, generally, so so so lame. Also, hyphy is not a new kind of music, but I will continue to ghost ride the whip. Does anyone understand Keak Da Sneak? He is going up there in the Celebrity Autist Hall of Fame along with the Ying Yang Twins (upcoming list?!).
13. ESG, “Moody”
Um, I am moody. So here.
14. Jim Jones ft/The Game & Cam’ron, “Certified Gangstas”
This is one of my favorite Dipset singles, and it epitomizes a kind of spookiness I always long for in music. Cam'ron's line: "I don't do the drugs, baby I move the drugs,
Right on the computer love, it sound like computer love" is so heavy.
15. The Fall, “Your Heart Out”
Mmmmm, painkillers.
16. DJ Khaled ft/Paul Wall, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe & Pitbull, “Holla At Me Baby”
This all-star track is hopping on that same Afrika beat being used everywhere, but I always like Lil' Weezy and hate Fat Joe.
17. Akon, “Gunshot”
18. Mannie Fresh ft/Tateeze, “Conversation”
This is the best reinterpretation of Positive K's "I Gotta Man" that could have possibly been made. I cannot ever not sing this all the time. Every line is gold.
19. Manfred Krug, “House of the Rising Sun”
You like the Animals? You like East Germany? Well, have I got a track for you.
20. Mr. Vegas, “We Are Jamaicans”
It is hard to make this Sheek Louch beat better, but of course a Jamaican can pull it off.
21. Daddy Yankee, “Rompe”
Alernatively, you could just open your window and hear this. This one has the crucial characteristic I mention in number nine.
22. D.A.F., “Der Räuber und Der Prinz”
I feel funny when I listen to this.
23. New Order, “We All Stand”
Boo hoo. Whose "end of the road" delivery is better? Sumner, or Boyz II Men?



Princess Hustlina