Mix Allergic to Wintertime HOT - November 22, 2005

Tracklist for Mix Allergic to Wintertime HOT

1. RZA: "My Lovin' is Digi" (Bobby Digital)
The church choral group at the beginning is fucking awesome. Best mix lead-off line ever? I'm going to say a solid Maybe.

2. Lil' Kim: "Lighters Up (Welcome to Brooklyn)" (The Naked Truth)
South 4th. St. Hustlaz anthem. Our town is the truth.

3. The Trammps: "Rubber Band"
You may remember me from tracks by The Game or the Clipse mixtape. We all know the only thing 50 listens to in his spare time is 1970s disco anyway.

4. Iggy Pop: "Success" (Lust For Life)
Yeah Iggy sing it. Bowie's got his back on the call and response.

5. Gil Scott-Heron: "The Bottle" (Winter In America)
A preview for my upcoming "track by every artist mentioned on 'Losing My Edge'" mix. The "$1.09 get a bottle of wine" refrain can only be about MD 20/20.

6. Josh Console: "Amerie, Lunging w/ No Knickers" (cry.on.my.console mix)
Way hot glitchy remake of this.

7. Lil' Wayne: "Fireman" (Tha Carter 2)
From Weezy's new album. So many hot lines in this one I can't pick one to write here. OK I will. "I'm like quick draw mcgraw/I went to art school." If the first pre-chorus doesn't make you really excited ("I rekindled the flame...") then check your motherfucking pulse!

8. Lethal B, Flow Dan, D-Double, too many other MCs to list: "Forward Riddim"
OHHHHHHHHHH!!! CRACK YOUR SKULL. Also get educated on all the gun types that my man Hotshot lists frantically in his verse (shoot it shoot it shoot it). Is Flow Dan not the best MC name?

9. Otis Redding: "Shake" (Live at the Monterrey Pop Festival)
Shit's on fire.

10. Josh Console: "Stay Fly" (cry.on.my.console tech hipster mix)
Second mix by this dude. Really hard to front on the original of this but the synths in this are banging hard.

11. The Fall: "Pacifying Joing" (Fall Heads Roll)
From their new album. Dude's still got it.

12. OT feat. Dogzilla and Syer: "STD"(DJ Target Presents Aim High vol. 1)
Maybe the grossest song I've heard in a long time. What's worse is that the chorus gets stuck in heads for days. My head anyway. Who is Lindsay Dawn McKenzie? Remember, OT says just because your girl is hot doesn't mean she isn't ridin' dirty. A lesson for the ages.

13. The Outcasts: "Loving You Sometimes"
I don't know anything about this song, but it's so awesome. And I think the band might be from W. Virginia.

14. Moby Grape: "Omaha" (Moby Grape)
More mid sixties action.

15. Sheek Louch ft. Ghostface: "Move Niggas" (After Taxes)
Beat is hot, so is Ghostface. I said Uh-oh.

16. Poppa Tollo: "Get Ready and Teggae" (Dance Hall Stylee (comp))
As much wacky percussion as possible. And inexplicable beeps. Dancehall bitches.

17. Maze & Frankie Beverly: "I Need You"
This is the reason 50's song from his movie is good. This is the hottest section of what is actually a ten-minute jam.

18. Kraftwerk: "Computerliebe" (Computerwelt)
I think the only way to listen to Kraftwerk is in German. This song is beautiful.

19. Menelik Wesnatchew: "Tezeta" (Ethiopiques vol. 10--Tezeta)
Tezeta is this specific form like a waltz. A fine way to glide out.