Mix Lull - 19 April 2006

It has been a while. Here's another mix. It started out as a "long songs are good" mix but that was a long time ago. It's now different. Download link will expire in 1 week.

1. "Everlasting Love" — Alisa — We Love Katamari OST

2. "Regret" — New Order — Republic
I guess that's what they all sayyy

3. "Please Return to Me" — The Fleets — The Complete Stax-VoltSingles
All of this Stax/Volt box set is hotness.

4. "California Sunset" — The Originals — California Sunset
I have no idea where this song came from but it's great.

5. "White Girls" — Cam'ron — Dipset: The Movement Moves On

6. "Subotnick" — Manitoba — The Milk of Human Kindness
Briefness before the...

7. "Pro Radii" — Autechre — Untilted
Longness. Yes long songs do exist and we like it. Also one of the more excellent song titles.

8. "Man Next Door" — Massive Attack — Mezzanine
My second favorite reggae singer w/ Massive Attack. I have heard some dis upon this track but I believe in its greatness.

9. "U Nuh Have A Phone (Hello Moto)" — Vybz Kartel — JMT
Vybz schooling us to get mobile. It is true that all songs about cell phones are excellent. That will be the theme of my next mix.

10. "Cannon (MB Mix)" —Busta Rhymes, TI, Lil Wayne — The W. Carter Collection
There is something uncanny about the vocal sample on this. Plus the rusty ARs.

11. "Mr. Me Too" —Clipse feat. Pharell
Pharell rhymes about clothes too much but this song is still hot.

12. II. Allegro from Opus 40/Sonata for Cello and Piano in D Minor — Shostakovich/etc
I have been reading a book in which Shostakovich is a main character and as a result cannot stop listening to Op. 40.

13. "Pretty Persuasion" — REM — Reckoning
The "God damn" in the chorus is, well, god damn.

14." 200 Bars" — Spiritualized — Lazer Guided Melodies
This is clearly the finale to the original iteration of this mix.