Mixchange 2006, Round One: "BUCKLE UP!" - Jan. 4, 2006

TIME: 01.04.06 4:19 AM

get dat, get dat, get dat mix!

I am pretty sure this one is even better than my first one. At least I can say I listen to it more...

01. J-Kwon: "Hood Hop"
(my favorite song of all time... in late 2004)

02. Suicide: "Cheree (Reprise)"
(serious lovemaking material)

03. The Chameleons: "Second Skin"
(more lovemaking)

04. The Juan Maclean: "Give Me Every Little Thing"

05. Trick Daddy ft/Cee-Lo & Ludacris: “Sugar (Gimme Some)”
(only Trick Daddy could turn the saddest Talking Heads song into redemption)

06. Jay-Z ft/Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek & Freeway: “1-900-HUSTLER”
(my favorite Jay-Z song ever, featuring members my chest is named after)

07. Crime Mobb: “Knuck If You Buck”
(I am very afraid of these kids. The girls are named Diamond and Princess)

08. Brian Eno: "Golden Hours"
(what I was listening to after I got stoned after my Legal Ethics exam. one of the best stoned-with-headphones listening experiences, especially during the day)

09. Destiny's Child: “Jumpin’ Jumpin’”
(best DC song ever; embodying the spooky, bass-heavy R&B I love. Dan thought the line was "cock is full grown.")

10. I Wayne: “Can’t Satisfy Her”
(this song feels like the ocean, even if it’s about AIDS. Alex once quite geniusly mentioned how this is "his song" in the romantic sense. Mine has always been "Pumps and a Bump" by MC Hammer)

11. Nick Cannon ft/R. Kelly: “Gigolo”
(fyi: Nick Cannon’s second best song is “Feelin’ Freaky” with B2K)

12. Fad Gadget: “Fireside Favourite”
(what can I say? sometimes post-punk white boys just hit the spot)

13. Freeway ft/Peedi Crakk: “Flipside”
(best lines: F:“GET GHOST NIGGA”; PC:“make it go BRRRRRRRRRRRRING!”)

14. Junior Boys: “More Than Real”
(even MORE lovemaking. I musta been in heat when I made this...)

15. The Sweat Boyz: “Do You Want to Perculate”
(dance! again!)

16. Donna Summer: “I Feel Love”
(this song is just fucking perfect. note the similarity to the Throbbing Gristle track on the first mix.)