My Mixtapes Bring All the Boys to the Yard - Nov. 22, 2005

This mix (GET DAT, BOYEE!)is certainly the only one manifesting a female point of view on youth and the accompanying depression and anguish, and the associated behavior of systematically, incrementally burning out happiness receptors in one's brain.

Anyway, my point was that I am the only girl up in hurre, and girls really know how to party!

DATE: 11.22.05

1. Monochrome Set: "Eine Symphonie des Grauens" (Westminster Affair)
This shit is about Nosferatu. This falls under the "Monster Mash" aesthetic of song, like The Fall track later.

2. Magazine: "Definitive Gaze" (Play)
I hate the vocals on this song, but how can you not love the fucking triumphant instrumental?

3. Clinic: "Walking With Thee" (Walking With Thee)
I know everyone already burnt out on this song from freshman year of college, but so be it. It rules.

4. Ashanti: "Only U" (Concrete Rose)
I hate Ashanti and Murder Inc., but this song is fucking epic. If only Aaliyah made it.

5. Vitalic: "Poney, Pt. 1" (OK Cowboy)
This is what the inside of my mind sounds like on speed. AKA: most of the time.

6. Cam'ron ft/ Juelz Santana: "Oh Boy" (Come Home With Me)
The first Dipset-ish song I ever heard back in 2002. They had to bleep out 90% of Juelz's verse, so it was mostly awkward silence. Except "I'm in trouble, need bail money!"

7. ESG: "Erase You" (ESG)
Music like this (good production, drum machine, arguably bad voices) makes me realize I can make music, too. I don't know if that is good or not.

8. Lil' Kim ft/ Mr. Cheeks: "The Jumpoff" (La Bella Mafia)
I once stayed home from class my sophomore year of college to dance alone to this song in my underwear all day. No lie. Anyway, I think this is the same beat premise and chord progression as that second Clipse single, "When's the Last Time," but some say it isn't. You decide.

9. Memphis Bleek ft/ Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Twista: "Is That Your Chick?" (The Understanding)
This was supposed to be on Vol. 3 of Jay-Z, but he passed it on to Bleek, his gay lover/brother. They met working at the KFC on Broadway! Twista's verse on this is terrible, try to FF over it.

10. Nas ft/ Jadakiss & Ludacris: "Made You Look (Remix)" (God's Son)
Ludacris's verse about various periodicals. OH MY GAWD.

11. A Certain Ratio: "Do the Du" (Graveyard and the Ballroom)
More cracked out white music.

12. Suicide: "Girl" (I)
Not their best song, but at least this one has some of his orgasm noises. The sexxxxiness of this album reminds me of how horny I was when I was fifteen and only listened to trip hop.

13. Throbbing Gristle: "Hot on the Heels of Love" (20 Jazz Funk Greats)
This makes me sleepy. It is almost exactly the same as "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer.

14. Trina ft/ Ludacris: "B R Right" (Diamond Princess)
Objectively the best Trina song. I am always a fan of ghetto string symphony. Her talking at the end is hilarious: "Fuck a dime, I'm a silva dolla, Holla! Catch me when I come off tour!"

15. Missy Elliott: "Let Me Fix My Weave" (This Is Not a Test!)
Verses are eh. Beat is sick. Yeah, Missy, act like you really like penises.

16. Webbie ft/ Bun B: "Gimme That" (Savage Life)
"Sit yo ass on some leatha seats while blowing green and switchin' lanes/ Girl stop playin, let me beat it out the frame/ Just gimme that ____"

17. P. Diddy ft/ Ghostface Killa, G. Dep, Keith Murray, Craig Mack: "Special Delivery" (We Invented the Mix)
This song is simply amazing. Especially G. Dep's verse.

18. Cybotron: "El Salvador" (Clear)
Cybotron rules. I love shit from the past that is actually from the future.

19. The Fall: "Rowche Rumble" (Totale's Turns (It's Now or Never))
This can also be categorized under the "Monster Mash" aesthetic of song (ascending/descending minor mixolydian chords), one of my favorite song aesthetics. Sorry but The Fall just ain't got it anymore: too old.

20. The Misfits: "Last Caress" (Static Age)
Meh, typical Misfits song. NJ's finest punk. I still think Glenn Danzig's voice is at least as good as Jim Morrison's.

21. Sonic Youth: "Superstar" (If I Were a Carpenter)
You might think this song doesn't fit, but don't worry, the second half is just noise anyway. This is a Carpenters cover. Sonic Youth is still my all-time favorite band. Yep.