M.Y. Wang Grows Up - Nov. 22, 2005

Between ages 16 and 20, you could probably assume that I was a) overtly sad; b) obsessed with logic/death; c) laughing at everything. Not a lot has changed, but this mix gives some insight to how I view those days and what may or may not have been going on in my head.

1. Antipop Consortium: "Ping Pong" (Arrhythmia)
I think I introduced Ari Berman (yes, the Ari Berman) to them when I lived across the hall from him, but he'd never admit that.

2. The Exploding Hearts: "Rumours In Town" (Guitar Romantic)
More than half the band died in a bus accident in something very similar to that Simpsons Episode when Spinal Tap fell off a cliff.

3. Modern Lovers: "Dignified and Old" (s/t)
I could say something about not being either of these things, but I won't.

4. The Fire Show: "Who Do You Love" (s/t)
I think having a band name that includes 'fire' is already a crutch, so you have to cover awesome old blues songs to hide your inadequacies.

5. Smog: "Dress Sexy At My Funeral" (Dongs of Sevotion)
When I die at age 43, I want to be buried in a clown suit with a carton of cigarettes so when people walk by the casket, they can bum kamels and squeeze my red nose. Then I'll have someone claim they're theirs so my parents won't be pissed.

6. Rilo Kiley: "Love and War" (More Adventurous)
They had a song on "Dawson's Creek" before it was cool to have songs on teen melodramas.

7. Mu: "Tell You Something" (Afro Finger and Gel)
Asian pride. That's all.

8. Joy Division: "She's Lost Control" (Unknown Pleasures)
I couldn't put "Love Will Tear Us Apart" on yet another mix.

9. CX2600: "Hi Score" (VGM Mixtape #7)
Someone should sample these awesome videogame sounds very soon if Missy hasn't found them yet.

10. Enon: "Count Sheep" (High Society)
First sober sex.

11. Granddaddy: "The Crystal Lake" (Sophtware Slump)
This incredibly hot guy told me to listen/like this guy a lot after I beat his ass playing caps. Then he gave me an Old Style.

12. Rooney: "Losing All Control" (s/t)
A kid at a party I went to gave me a mix cause he knew I had a radio show. I think this was the only song I liked off it.

13. Hot Snakes: "XOX" (Suicide Invoice)
Too bad they're done. I had a hard time deciding which song of theirs to choose because they all kind of sound alike.

14. Beulah: "Disco: The Secretaries Blues" (Handsome Western States)
The random yelling of 'California!' is totally my FAVORITE

15. The Mountain Goats: "Going to Malibu" (Protein Source of the Future...Now!)
I like the idea of one of those toy monkeys playing a little snare drum into a tape recorder.

16. Chin Up Chin Up: "We Should Have Never Lived Like Skyscrapers" (We Should Have Never Lived Like Skyscrapers)
At 0:46, a decent beat drop for some white kids from Chicago. The second one at 2:28 isn't nearly as good and actually shouldn't count anyway.

17. Buena Vista Social Club: "Candela" (s/t)
Check the def.

18. Clint Mansell: "2piR" (Pi Soundtrack)
I really like it when he pokes the brain in his sink and the white noise knocks him down.