This year's Academy Awards were another boring, turgid affair. Due to the writer's strike the Academy churned out long meaningless montages to fill time (needed?) and pat themselves on the back. Yet despite the amount of footage shown many people got snubbed, including Whoopi and Brad Renfro (We Are All Brad Renfro!).

Cosmodrome prides itself on supporting Nic Cage whenever possible, so we feel it our duty to bring to the attention of the Academy another shameless snubbing that they almost got away with.
Here is an unfunny Jerry Seinfeld bee-realted/Bee Movie tie-in montage [couldn't find the original, so you'll have to ff to the end] and below is a scene that would have fit in perfectly, spiced up the show, and restored our faith in the Oscars.

I'm never watching again.

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