Smear Campaign - Nov. 22, 2005

1. Masaru Sato: "Yojimbo Theme" (Yojimbo)
The overture to the classic 1961 Kurosawa film of the same name. Possibly the best piece of music ever in a movie. 45 seconds through the track, it gets sooooo groovy.

2. Unknown: "Vinheta Bagulhao" (As Melhores do la)
Fourteen seconds of pure favella heaven. I wish it were a 3 minute song. :(

3. Unknown: "Cuca louca" (Castelo 10)
One of the better favella tracks. Is able to use the standard capoiera drums in the background sometimes without sounding stupid. Also, more of a pop song than its favella brothers. A+ material.

4. Assassin: "Idiot Thing That" (Strictly the Best, Vol. 32)
One of the best (and banginest) hard dancehall tracks by the master, Assassin. A little bit repetitive, but juicy enough of a morsel to listen to over and over. I love how all up in my face he is when he repeatedly says "Idiot Ting Dat."

5. Notorious BIG: "Hypnotized (Costars Remix)" (Life After Death)
A huge fan of BIG, of course, I always hated "Hypnotized." This remix makes up for everything!!! All of a sudden, it's the most gangsta song you've ever heard. Even the Costars verse at the end is good. This is reggaeton at its English language best, farreal.

6. Hip Hop Cultura de Rua: "Codigo"
Brazilian dark old school. Good track, especially loud. The hand claps are my favorite part... Also when they say hippi-hop... I luhhdat.

7. Rappagariya: "R. G. Rikigaku" (Super Hard)
Second best song by the single best Asian rap outfit, Rappagariya (the best song is called Hougakkai... and if you find it please send it to me). They know how to make the siccest beats, and they prove it here. The rapping is so-so, and the bridges are "ehhh"... but man, when they drop into the main beat... you feel it.

8. Unknown: "Pavarote" (Castelo 10)
Crowd favorite! I love the dude who starts rapping at 33 seconds... he's hilarious. Also the "oh wuew, oh wuew wuew wuew" part is awesome. Of course, the hook is sic too. Themed favella at its most crossover.

9. The Constructus Corporation: "Jellyfish"
What can I say??? This track blew everybody away when we first heard it. South African rap, by white people. The dude rapping is actually really good (totally unexpected). The chick sounds sorta like Bjork, and does her part really well. And the dance they invent is pretty awesome... The song does make me wanna do the "jellyfish."

Also, interestingly enuff, there are only two songs on this group's album. All the other songs are them telling fairy tales in spooky voices... seriously.

10. Unknown: "Rua Lucia Tabajara" (As Melhores do la)
The single best favella track... everybody's favorite song. Best part is when the robot voice kicks in in the background at 47 seconds. This track hits the standard issue favella sound perfectly, better than anybody else.

11. Ilona Mitrecey: "Un Monde Parfait" (Monde Parfait)
Song of the year 2005!!! I heard this for the first time on Russian MTV in Odessa, and have been in love ever since. It was embarrassing to admit that this cheesy French techno track with synth accordion and children speaking was my favorite song, but it's (for better or worse) true. YOU'LL FALL IN LOVE WITH IT TOO!!!

12. Hip Hop Cultura de Rua: "A Garota da Casa" (Rap from Brazil)
Best Old School Brazilian track... thats all i gotta say.

13. Mr. II aka SUGU aka II Proud: "HAKI" (Swahili Songs)
(What do the citizens of Dar Es Salaam want?? JUSTICE!)

One of the best tracks by the reigning king of Swahili language rap (Bongoflava). This song features Justin Kalikawe, who recently died for some reason. The 2 part hook is killer.

14. Pastor Troy: "Are We Cuttin'" (Universal Soldier)
For some reason, I first heard this on radio free Nairobi. It's one of the few English language tracks. It should have been much more of a hit than it was.

15. Os Mutantes: "Panis et Circenses" (Os Mutantes)
First track off the first Os Mutantes album. Us Mutants give The Beatles a run for they money at every turn, and this is them at they happy best. The outro is great, so is the trumpet in the second verse. Pure luuv.

16. Unkown: "To Vai" (Castelo 11)
The poppiest favella track. Makes we wanna shake it. Especially when the bass kicks in.

17. Nina Simone: "Feelin' Good" (The Complete Verve Remixed)
RZA uses this to start off one of his albums. Really really swings it.

18. David Banner: "Choose Me" (Mississippi: The Screwed N Chopped Album)
This is the Opus of all time. It made me realize that S n C music could be more than just a secondary form of music. Turns a shitty David Banner song into a prog rock anthem. Best song ever. Especially starting at 3:48.

19. Assassin: "Show off" (Show Off)
A little bit darker than the previous Assassin track, but more slammin. It also makes you wanna keep listenin to it.

20. Os Mutantes: "Caminhante Nortuno" (Mutantes)
Maybe the best Os Mutantes song. Each time they hit the pre-chorus they swing it even funkier... the song keeps getting better. Makes Radiohead sound dated. Unfortunately the song is cursed by pointless Beatles shoutouts.