So So Broke 05.23.06

"Is anyone else noticing a pattern in the Hustlina mixes? By the 12th mix, we will probably have an entire Fall album, an entire Misfits album, an entire ESG album, and a whole bunch of hip hop."
Jeff Deutchman

I've always complained about how choosing the best tracks for each mix is an angering process that ends with me cursing myself and my mp3 collection. I go through the library collecting everything that I deem mixworthy, and I end up with a six hour playlist. After this critical point in the selection process, choosing which songs make it and which don't is, basically, completely arbitrary. That's why I decided to drop this one so soon after my last one.

COP THAT SHIT! (expires in one week)

01. The Fall, "Frightened"
02. The Misfits "Hybrid Moments"
03. Juelz Santana, "Santana's Town"
04. Soundmaster T, "2 Much Booty (In Da Pants)"
05. American Kompa, "NYC Generation"
06. Shystie, "Woman's World"
07. 112 ft/Jay-Z & Lil' Kim, "Peaches n' Cream"
08. Jermaine Dupri ft/P.Diddy, Murphy Lee & Snoop Dogg, "Welcome to Atlanta (Remix)"
09. Aaliyah, "Read Between the Lines"
10. The Turtles, "Happy Together"
11. Syd Barrett, "No Good Trying"
12. Can, "Mushroom"
13. Cybotron, "Enter"
14. ESG, "UFO"
15. Wire, "The 15th"
16. Young Gunz, "Same Shit, Different Day"
17. Cocteau Twins, "In Our Angelhood"
18. Ludacris, "Roll Out"
19. GZA, "Liquid Swordz"
20. Suicide, "I Remember"

If the zipfile misorders it, please correct it accordingly. Otherwise, I take no responsibility for inelegant transitions.

Coming soon: Best of Producer series?

So So Broke,

Princess Hustlina
(and her fictional loves: Pavel & Vadim, Tony Almeida(ski), and Tobias Zachary Ziegler)