Two Cheers for the Hottest Mix Chyeah Chyeah - January 10, 2006

Tracklisting for "Two Cheers for the Hottest Mix Chyeah Chyeah"

1. "Chaiya Chaiya" (Dil Se)
Trina drop your hatin' on B-wood and admit that this song is doper than dope. Dude's singing performance sets new precedents. And that heavy breathing, damn. For those that don't know, if any, in the movie this song is performed atop an old timey steam train while the man and woman and like 300 Pakistani extras are riding through what have to be da Hindu Kush.

2. Dillinger: "Cocaine in My Brain" (Cocaine In My Brain)
Everytime I walk in the rain, man oh man, I feel a pain. I feel a burning pain, keep on burning in my bloody brain. Team-No-Coke da realest. This dude has a song called "Marijuana in my brain" which is also good.

3. Juelz Santana ft. Cam'ron: "More Gangsta Music" (Purple Haze)
More "chyeah" and "A!" per minute than any other Dipset song that I'm aware of. Observe how he starts out really favoring the "chyeah!" and then slowly works in the "A!." I'm having trouble expressing how hot this song is in words. This will make wherever/whenever you're walking so much more exciting.

4. Bo Dillis and the Wild Magnolias: "Handa Wanda" (New Orleans Funk Comp.)
This song's gotta be on any beat drop list. Only about 15% of the words in this song are discernible.

5. The Crystals: "Girls Can Tell" (Back to Mono)
This song features a billion instruments played at once, including those boss Christmassy clicker things. And somebody slips the drummer a serious one in the last 30 seconds. Before he grew out his hair and murdered an actress, Phil Spector made this. I GOTTTTTTAAA KISS YOU ONE! MORE! TIME!

6. Dead Prez: "Hell Yes (Curtis Vodka Rmx)"
Real fast, hot beat. Dean street shoutout. Robbing pizza delivery men. Sort of Bmore-esque in the end.

7. Sway feat. Bruza, Pyrrelli, many others: "Up Your Speed Rmx" (Run the Road vol. 2)
Lon-don! UP YR SPEED Brixton! UP YR SPEED Milton Keynes! UP YR SPEED--this has been in my head so often lately. Bruza has had some better verses ("You'll be in deeeepp sheeeeaaaat, and I mean DEEEEP SHEEAAAT") but Sway rules. Not the Badu-headdress-wearin MTV personality, sadly. Also, every grime song should have the Mac Simpletext voice announcing each MC before their verse. Really helpful.

8. Tenor Saw: "Fever" (Fever)
Probably my favorite Jamaican singer. All inna feva whoooaaa-ohhhh, HEY.

9. Cat Power: "Willie" (The Greatest)
From her new album w/ Al Green's Hi Records backing band. Guitar and muted horn on this one kickin inna Memphis stylee.

10. Cam'ron and his Chick: "I'm A Chicken Head" (Purple Haze)

11. Syl Johnson: "I Feel An Urge" (Is It Because I'm Black?)
Can't stop this dude, at all. A favorite of RZAs as we know. I don't think this one's been sampled yet, but the drums are so sick.

12. Allozade and Hollow Point: "Under Me Sensi" (600% Dynamite)
In my brain, no cocaine, I don't wanna I don't wanna go insane. Everytime the dude who keeps saying "grid" (????) comes in I get goosebumps, he is killin' it. Also heavily featuring "bim!," the Jamaican equivalent of "A!"

13. Clinic: "IPC Subeditors Dictate our Youth" (S/T (3 EPs))
I must admit to being pretty OG on Clinic, back when I used to trade tapes with British strangers on the internet in early high school. Heard their first BBC radio appearance on some tape this dude sent me. This is the song that I fucking love. Since all their songs sound the same, it's gotta be the first one you hear that you really love. Bigup Trina for the last Clinic mix appearance. IPC is the company that owns NME and other UK musical papers, coincidentally.

14. Joe White: "Rudies All Around" (Hold Me Tight: Lyn Tait Anthology)
Featuring Lyn Tait and the Jets as the backing band, LT's guitar is so good. Bigup Negril.

15. Lil' Wayne: "Fly In" (Tha Carter Vol. 2)
Choosing a song from Lil Wayne's new album was quite difficult, because they are all hot.

16. Frank Ski: "There's Some Ho's In This House"
Theme song to our party. Bmore ain't nothin to fuck with.

17. Lil Scrappy: "Diamonds In My Pinky Ring" (The King of Crunk & BME Recordings Present: Lil Scrappy)
This beat is pretty sickening. I'm always attracted to anything that sounds like it was made by turning a giant knob to adjust the pitch of a single electronic tone.

18. The Passions: "I'm In Love With a German Film Star" (30000 Feet Over China)
The singer of this song has worked at both Spin and Blender as a copy editor while I was there. The Foo Fighters recently did a note-for-note cover of this song. From the Left of the Dial box (Bigup Nihal and Jeff).

19. The Velvet Underground: "Here She Comes Now" (White Light/White Heat)
Were I to have some kind of spreadsheet cataloging all my favorite songs (who does that?), this would be in a cell near the top.

20. Jackie Wilson: "(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher" (Higher and Higher)
This song would rule even if it wasn't in any way associated with Ghostbusters 2. But since it is, it just rules that much harder. Many songs have a moment for me that either stays in my head longest or makes me happier than all other moments in the song, and this one's is the way he sings "that"