ungloved and suited just fine v.2 - April 25, 2006

I don't really know what this title means, but whatev. There's no theme to this mix. I just haven't written or done really anything in a long time, so this is a start. I plan to listen to this shit while walking a dog tomorrow morning.

1. Black Menace: "Going Off" (s/t)
There must've been at least thirty people crammed into the studio during the recording of this track. Forties galore, amoung other refreshments.

2. Ann Sexton: "You've Been Gone Too Long" (You're Gonna Miss Me)
What an unforgiving bitch. Love it.

3. Vashti Bunyan: "Somethings Just Stick In Your Mind" (Just Another Diamond Day)
You know what sticks in my mind? Bitches and money.

4. The Duke Spirit: "Cuts Across the Land" (Cuts Across the Land)
The term "Duke Spirit" probably brings to mind rape and lacrosse now rather than basketball and southern hospitality.

5. Prince: "Trust" (Batman Sountrack)
I'm surprised no other drome mix has included this hot track yet. "You wanna get nuts?! Come on! Let's get nuts!"

6. Notorious BIG: "Me & My Bitch" (demo)
You know you love Biggie's entrance.

7. Evelyn King: "Shame" (Love Come Down)
Ms. King's nickname was "Champagne." If you're aka is gonna be synonymous with class (unless we're talking Andre), then you have to assume you're rolling deep. That made no sense.

8. Leo Kottke: "The Train and the Gate" (Essential Leo Kottke)
If I had a banjo, I'd duel the shit out of someone. If I could play guitar, I'd play this song.

9. Royal Rock: "Pure Pimp Fene" (Pure Pimp - Pimp of the Year)
Yeah. Ungh. Bitch.

10. Beastie Boys v. The Farm: "Body Movin' v. Groovy Train" (Sophtware Slump)
Just for kicks.

11. Egoexpress: "Aranda" (Hotwire My Heart)
Simple things in life. Those are the things that will keep you happy, and take up a ton of your time when you're standing in Bed, Bath, and Beyond trying to decide between patterns for your sheets for two hours. Destiny v. a house? God, I don't know.

12. Islands: "Rough Gem" (Return to the Sea)
Islands, Unicorns, Eight-legged freaks...I swear, I'm going somewhere with this.

13. Prince Conley: "I'm Going Home" (Complete Satellite Recordings)
Dag, yo. There's a bit more blues than normal on this mix.

14. Z.Z. Hill: "Chokin' Kind" (A Man Needs A Woman)
Yep, more. Are you diggin' it yet?

15. Holy Fuck: "Casio Bossanova" (s/t)
A bit different. More like it? Meh. It's just fun noise to me.

16. Nugrape Twins: "I Got Your Ice Cold Nugrape" (American Primitive)
The lady on the swing is a babe.

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