Space Patrol - November 7, 2006

It's been fairly dormant around here. I'm going to blame it on us being on "patrol".
But here's a mix to get you through.
(I've also re-upped my last mix for those that missed on last go-'round)

Let's get this done:

1. Amerie - "Take Control"
This makes me all woozy.

2. Cosmodrome -"Music Smells Butter With You"-(Gooom Tracks Vol. 1)
They deserve a slot on here with a name like that

3. The Replacements - "Bastards of Young" - (Tim)

4. Asie Payton - "Asie's Story" - (Just Do Me Right)

5. Raekwon - "Legal Coke"

6. MIA - "XR 2 Turbo"

7. Johnny Davis and the Arrows - "Boogedy Boogedy" - (Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label)

8. Teddybears Sthlm - "Cobrastyle" - (Fresh!)
Lit the dance floor with blue fire during our last party.

Full Tracklist

9. Wire - "Half Eaten" - (Send)
I hope I'm half this fierce when I'm 40+

10. Marion Black - "Who Knows" - (Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label)

11. Death in Vegas - "So You Say You Lost Your Baby" - (Scorpio Rising)

12. Mark Ronson - "Ooh Wee (feat. Ghostface and Nate Dogg) - (Here Comes the Fuzz)

13. Laurel Aiken w/ Kenneth Richards & his Harmonizers - "Yea, Yea Baby" - (Trojan Jamaican R&B)
Yea, yea....

14. Buraka Som Sistema - "Yah!" - (From Buraka to the World EP)
...Yah! Kuduro, what!

15. Cornelius - "Count Five or Six" - (Fantasma)
Brought back in rotation due its use in the credits of the Suckfest Doc.

16. The Knife - "Kino" - (Live in Goteborg)
17. The Knife - "Heartbeats" - (Live in Goteborg)
Hits that special joy of seeing them live. Thanks to Ruth for the tracks.

18. Massive Attack - "Live With Me" - (Collected)