The Takeover: Q4 '06


As we wind down this glorious quarter, it's good to look back and see
how far we've come as a business. These are songs that have, at some
point in the last 3 months, made me say "this is for the next mix.
damn." The songs that prompted a further audience than myself alone.
The fact that the mix didn't happen until now is ground for improvement
moving forward, but takes nothing away from the fruits of the last 90
days (+/-).

1. Live Wire - Martha & the Vandellas (Complete Motown Singles Vol 4)
2. Quero Sambai Meu Bem - Tom Ze (Revolution in Brazil Comp.)
3. Just Ain't Enough Love - Eddie Holland (Detroit Rare Tracks 3)
4. Freedom - Pt 2 (aka Clark in the Dark) Charles Mingus (Complete Town Hall Concert)
5. Leaving Here - Tommy Good (Complete Motown Singles Vol. 4)
—Rounding out Motown section
6. Under My Thumb - Rolling Stones - Aftermath
7. Tonton du Bled - 113 - (Les Princes de la Ville)
8. Trill - Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury
9. The Boxer (DFA Version) - Chemical Bros - (DFA Remixes: Chapter 1)
—DFA's more motorik shit (See Also: Nike Running Mix) = fantastic. This used to be a Neu! song in this slot of the mix but this was a last minute sub.
10. Car Man - Vybz Kartel (JMT)
—Much like "U Nuh Have a Phone" displayed that cellphone flow, so does Vybz tackle autos. Drive that X5 Get more SEX DRIVE.
11. U Understand - Juvenile - (Cash Money Greatest Hits)
12. J-Kwon "Tipsy"/The Bravery Blend - DJ RNDM - Live Mix
—I know, the Bravery.
13. Fly - JK & Co.
—I don't know where this song came from but shuffle found it and it's great. Apologies if this was on your last mix.
14. Blue Orb - Kahime Kare - (WE LOVE KATAMARI OST)
—Thanks for finding it Scott. So necessary.
15. Pega a Voga, Cabeludo - Gilberto Gil (Gilberto Gil [1968])
16. Back That Azz Up - Juvenile (Cash Money Greatest Hits)
—In which Lil Wayne claims he invented "Drop it like it's hot." He was 17.

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