Welcome To All Things Scottish...

Is what i was going to call this mix...but because i sort of blew my load of all things scottish earlier i'm actually going to call this mix. Looks Like A Baby Rat. I'm still experimenting with putting pictures into these things. Booyahbaisse was on the frontlines digging around in computer code to make it work for me once and i thank him though i still put Mahoney at the center of this debacle. Does anyone want to email me an explanation on how to make this happen? (Kitwashere@gmail.com). Regardless right around here i would have a picture of a disgusting looking baby rat and maybe that famous shot of Lindsy Lohan. Or maybe a baby rat pasted over that picture. Something good like that. I'm going to try.

ratLooks Like a Baby Rat

1. Beware An Aberdonian - The Gaudgies
I was given this record for christmas my first year in Aberdeen by my employers at the record shop. It's sound advice but a lousy record title same as this opening track. I think it's circa 1960...somewhere. Steve apparently played this on loop at a college party and had the place jumpin!

2. Welcome To All Things Scottish - Gabberdeen
This is Gabba. 160 bpm. It's a dutch version of hardcore. Gabberdeen is a scottish hardcore outfit. Strictly old rave now. I'm going to post more of this i don't suggest you actually listen to it. But it's funny to listen to a Scots man yell and snarl over music like this and think of Scotland.

3. Lindsy Lohan - Pace Rock
Looks like a baby rat.

4. Notorious (Diplo Rmx) - Turbulence
Instantly a shop classic. Open Feb. 1st by the way...want a t-shirt? email me.

5. Dem a Bomb We - The Bug ft. Warrior Queen

6. Under Mi Fat Thing - Anthony Red Rose

7. Who Am I - Beanie Man
Sean Paul butchered this playground riddim. But this is nice. To be honest i'm just dumping some of my dancehall off this chest. But i'll put up more later...maybe...ah hell.

8. Never Get Ahead - Bobby Conn
Friends have been saying they don't understand this 'musically'. But i like it. It's his deep seated paranoia i think.

9. Don't Let Me Die - Uncle John & Whitelock
I could post anything by this band and it will still be best thing you've heard all week. I'll keep doing it too.

10. Word Up - Willis

11. My Song - Labi Siffre
I used to play this at the wilcox manse until Claire made me stop.

12. Strawberry Letter 23 - Shuggie Otis
See also Brothers Johnson version though this one is trumps.

13. Get A Move On - Mr. Scruff
See record shop clerks can end up making something more of themselves then High Fidelty would have us believe. This man also really really likes tea. I mean really likes it. Seriously.

14. Rad - Smoosh

15. Computer Camp Love - Datarock
I posted these guys once already too...but i don't know how much noise they've made at home yet.

16. TouchItRMX - Kid Fresh

17. Destroy Everything You Touch (Hotchip Remix) - Ladytron
These Hotchip remixes are here for good measure you may or may not have them already...it doesn't matter.

18. Rehab (Hotchip Vocal) - Amy Winehouse
The Official best song on Ghost's 'More Fish' Album is Greedy Bitches. True.

19. Power Of Love - Stacs of Stamina

20. Horse and I - Bat for Lashes
All Filler...lots of chat about this.

21. Sandmann, Lieber Sandmann
Kit's childhood...

22. I Belong To Glasgow - Will Fyfe
Welcome to all things Scottish.

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