Got That Pandemic - Jan. 10, 2006

To the faceless voice on Bodie’s Corner in the 4th Season of The Wire, yelling “Got that Pandemic” or even “….Plymouth Rock” and “…Mistletoe” depending on the holiday, heard but never seen: You are a business man. You are a soldier. You are a (dare I say) hero.

This mix is for you.

Get that Pandemic HERE.

UPDATE! This track was meant to originally be part of the mix, but slipped through the cracks. Download that track HERE
Tracklist changed w/r/t addendum.

1. Tom Waits – “Way Down In The Hole” (Franks Wild Years)*

2. New Young Pony Club – “Ice Cream (DJ Mehdi Remix)” (Ice Cream)

3. Peter Bjorn & John – “Let’s Call It Off (Girl Talk Remix)”

4. LCD Soundsystem – “All My Friends” (Sound of Silver)**

More tracklist follows

5. Klaxons – “Not Over Yet” (James Ford Sessions)

6. Stanton Warriors - "Get Em High (Feat. Sway)" (Stanton Sessions Vol. 2)

7. Space Cowboy – “My Egyptian Lover”

8. Justice – “Phantom”***

9. DJ Mehdi – “Leave It Alone” (Lucky Boy)^

10. Vyle. – “Lane Transfer”

11. Dabrye – “Prospects (Marshall Law)” (Instrmntl)

12. Teddybears – “Punkrocker (w/ Iggy Pop)” (Soft Machine)

13. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – “Death to Everyone” (Summer in the Southeast) ^^

14. Robyn – “With Every Heartbeat” (Ipop)

15. Air – “Napalm Love” (Pocket Symphony)

16. Tangerine Dream – “Love on a Real Train” (Risky Business)^^^

Notes on the Tracklist:
* This only makes me want to watch
The Wire over again. Good thing BET’s starting to air the first season tonight. Check this intensely smooth and spooky commercial, with a bunch of the characters at a poker table in an abandoned parking garage, smoking cigars, flashing their watches, and throwing around BET chips.
** My bet is this will be the youth anthem of 2007
*** I'm sure Justice regularly buys the chunky peanut butter
^ Mehdi makes an impressive ‘Drome debut with two tracks bearing his touch
^^ "Woo!"
^^^ Originally wanted to end this mix with Blake Leyh’s “The Fall”, the haunting track that ends every episode of
The Wire, but I couldn’t track it down. Instead this completes me soundtracking the entire scene from Risky Business where Tom and Rebecca have sex on the El, the other song of which can be found here.